Drs. Laura Dull and Amy French will be teaching a course in Boston from June 21-24 in 2016. Students will learn about the history of some of the city’s inhabitants, Enlightenment theory of the American Revolution, as well as explore nearby Salem.

Course assignments will be done virtually, so as long as you can attend the course meetings in Boston you can be located virtually anywhere. Delta College accepts students from all over. You must be a current student to enroll, so apply here: http://www.delta.edu/home.aspx

The course provides an interdisciplinary study-travel experience to Boston, Massachusetts that involves reading, writing, discussion and travel. Tuition, fees, and travel expenses must be borne by the student. Students must register for the course through Delta College. The course will be offered as part of our spring 2016 semester offerings. Registration starts in March of 2016.

Travel expenses (in addition to tuition/fees) include: hotel for three nights (double occupancy), entry fees to three attractions, and transportation from Boston to Salem. The travel fee is $490 and is due at time of tuition/fee payment. **Airfare to Boston and food costs are not included. Those costs must be borne separately by the student. Contact Dr. French (amyfrench@delta.edu) for information about airfare and other costs.

We hope that you join us in this great city! Wikimedia Creative Commons, Daniel Schwen Photographer