Most of the women that were accused of being witches for many reasons; many accused women lived alone or outside of the “social” circle within the community.  Men often accused women of witchcraft if they were on the verge of messing with the transfer of property from father to son. Inheritance was a major cause of accusations as well. If a mother and father were unable to give birth to a male child then the daughter would be the recipient of any inheritance, causing her to be a prime target of witchcraft accusations..

In 1692, Men were so overly “in charge” that if I women wanted have her own property or were in position to receive inheritance they just had to accuse her of being a witch and their problem was solved. The only role women played in that society was strictly a housewife, they cooked, clean, and gave birth to children with very little respect from their husbands or any other male. And if they even dared step outside of their place they would eventually pay the ultimate sacrifice. Back then your wealth or power would be measured by how much land you controlled.

In a particular case, involving a women named Susan Martin who was left with very little from her father, and she also had just lost her husband and sister; all of this lead to her being accused. Because Susan had nobody left to stand up for her she was not an influence in their society and sentenced to death. Another woman Katherine Harrison was much better off. Her husband was the owner of a large amount of land and when accusations arose toward Katherine, she could “buy” the accusers using the land her husband owned.