Thank you for all of you who came out today, March 20, 2017, to attend the Humanities Learning Center’s brown bag debate. Our topic today was “Who Makes Women’s History? Should Margaret Thatcher Be Included in the Women Who Dared Walking Tour? Professor Laura Dull of the History Department and Professor Ryan Petersen of the Political Science Department gave the attendees plenty to think about with Professor Dull talking about the way that women’s history has classically been taught and Professor Petersen making a case for the former prime minister to be part of the tour. The audience agreed with Professor Petersen’s assessment of Thatcher’s contributions. Forty-three voted “yes” to include her, while five voted “no.” One attendee didn’t vote either way, but made an impassioned plea for the inclusion of Sylvia Path. In all a good historical debate was had–thanks to our presenters and our engaged audience.