Abolition, by definition, is the action of abolishing, or ending, a system, practice, or institution. Michigan has a long reputation of being a strong supporter of abolition. I think that early Michiganders saw the value in having a variety of different cultures. As a state, we have always been progressive on reforms regarding equality. Also, early settlers needed others to survive as a society. During this time period, most Europeans believed in Christianity, which teaches fairness and equality. I think that although Michiganders didn’t believe in slavery, they still did not see other races as complete equals. While they valued minorities as people, they still didn’t fully see them as being equal to the traditional white European. Another reason that people of Michigan didn’t see minorities as equals, even after the abolition of slavery, was for the exact reason that at one time, they were slaves. To change a societies opinion or view on something takes many generations. I think this is why the process of equality has taken so long and will continue to slowly improve as time goes on.