Each side of the Prohibition has great aspects on why or why not alcohol should be outlawed. Firstly I would like to focus on some of the positive aspects of Prohibition. Many working class men started to abuse the easy access to alcohol, often wasting their pay checks on alcohol rather than caring for their families. As this became increasingly noticeable groups such as the Anti-Lagoon league formed to take a stand against this epidemic across the country. Drinking also proposed seriously health effects to users. People were slowly destroying their livers due to over consumption of alcohol. Another leading reason why people took a stance against alcohol was the overall moral most drinkers had while abusing alcohol. This negative moral was one of the leading causes in the growing situation of working class men.

On the other hand, the prohibition created a lot of organized crime. The infamous Al Capone leaded the industry of illegally selling alcohol was known for violent acts such as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre of 1929. Organizations in the illegal selling of alcohol would resort to violence to keep the business in their hands. This was very concerning to politicians and society as a whole. During this time there was actually in increase in drinking and crime rates. Corruption among government officials was very common. Police officers and politicians were paid by the mob to keep from openly speaking against them. Secret bars called speakeasies were easily accessible in major cities. A federal agent, Izzy Einstein, found alcohol within 31 seconds of being in New Orleans. It became clear to many people that Prohibition was not the answer to solving this situation.

I believe the government should have never passed this legislation because of the negative outcomes that followed. To many, the problems grew worse, enabling crime, killings, and hardship on the American people. After the prohibition you see a tolerance and social event take place in bars, if there was a way to construct this moral without completely banning the sales and distribution of alcohol I think a lot of dark times could have been avoided.