By: Daniel Jablonski

Prohibition has many negative effects and hardly any positive effects. It corrupted the law enforcement because people just started drinking illegally and caused more trouble. If someone is already an alcoholic and the government tries to ban it then of course people are going to not care and break the law even more. It created organized crimes. People can’t just go out and buy a drink at this point because it is obviously illegal, so there was a lot of planning involved. Prohibition also made a conflict between people that were very religious. They thought that God would bless America by making alcohol illegal, which caused conflict with others and started uproars. This got politics involved and caused more drama out of it.

Men would spend pay check to pay check on alcohol while the women and children were either stuck at home starving or homeless. The economy had lost a lot of money because the sales of alcoholic drinks were no longer there.

The only positive thing about prohibition would have been was that the rate of drinking and driving went down.

The government should not have passed this kind of “moral” legislation because for starters there was a big loss of money, and two it made people want to do it even more and more. The crime rates went up and the cravings for a cold one.