After the attack of Pear Harbor Americans got scared of what else the Japanese might do to them. Even thought there was no proof all Japanese people were put into the same category. Americans felt that they all were a huge security risk and that no matter whom it was they were a threat. They were pushed out and forced to sell property way below its selling value and lots of them were taken to jail for no reason (even the children). What’s even more shocking to me though is that some of them had never even been to Japan before in their life and still had to leave. Also some of the war Vets who fought in our wars had to leave as well. People were put into Ten camps and Americans assumed they’d be able to use the soil to grow crops. That didn’t work out well though and a lot of Japanese people died due to very little medical care. Some even where killed on the basis that they broke a rule and wouldn’t listen. After a while they were finally let out but American citizens still hated the Japanese so it was hard for them to find places to live. They tried to give all the survivors money to compensate for what they had done to them but the damage was already done.

I feel like there was a lot of consequences due to the Internment. I mean like I said before it was hard for them when they were finally released because Americans still saw them as bad and gave them a very hard time. They were forced out because people felt threatened by them being there. They Government made Americans believe that just because some people are bad that means all people of that race are going to be bad as well. I feel like it did a lot of damage to the way we view certain cultures as well. We see the bad in a certain culture and assume all people from that culture are bad when in reality that is not the case. The Government really made a bad judgement call and I feel they should have gone about this a lot differently.

Even though some of them were citizens of the US that didn’t make a difference to anyone. Some of these people who had no problems before this now had to suffer a lot of hate even though they had been living in the US just as long as some of the Americans. I mean its kind of screwed up to think we took some of these people and put them into a concentration camp even though they were citizens of the US. I get why Americans were scared but that doesn’t mean such a severe action had to be taken.


I feel like there could be a lot of long lasting effects. It causes us to go blind when something bad happens and assume, like I said before, that just because someone does something bad we assume everyone from that decent is bad. Its bad for Americans to hate all Japanese just because of a few because not all of them agreed with what occurred. I don’t want to go into too many other details but there are things that have happened in our most recent history that cause Americans to hate one races or religion just because of a few. Its damaging to the minority groups because then they may feel like they cant be who they want to be for fear of being judged because of someone else who made a bad choice. Like I said before I get why they were scared but they put a lot of innocent people into those camps and just imagine how many innocent people died because of the horrible conditions they were put into. Not to mention they did this to people who had fought with us and people who were citizens. It makes them look so bad and no one is going to want to be here unless they are white because of fear of being mistreated. I get it was as bad as the Nazi concentration camps but it sure still wasn’t right. After you do something like that no amount of money is going to make people think differently. I really feel the Government made a huge mistake in their judgement on this issue and I feel it made a lot of lasting impacts on how we view minorities.