The Civil Rights movement was monumental to creating equal rights for all who live in the United States. The African American community and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr started this movement in the 1950s. Not only did the Civil Rights movement give more equal rights to the African American community, but also to woman, minorities, and even the LGBT community who piggy backed off what the African American community had started in the 1950s which was nonviolent protest that demanded equal rights. Martin Luther King’s and the NAACP’s nonviolent stance really got a lot of people’s attention including the white community. They compelled the white community to confront the realities of Jim Crow. They challenged segregated schools and succeed with the case of Brown v. Board of Education in 1954. Activist like Rosa Parks made their own protest about seating on the bus, which would go on to lead to the Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955-1956). They even used haunting images like the Emmitt Till Murder to open the eyes of White Americans, and they all proved to be successful forms of protest. In the year 1960 College students even became a major force in the civil rights movement through sit ins. Sit ins employed the tactic of civil disobedience these students didn’t use violence, but instead forced White businessman to listen to their demands. The 1963 march on Washington was one of the more powerful nonviolent tactics used by Dr. King and the African American community, it even garnered media attention. However things would take a turn for the violence of the civil rights movement during the freedom summer where many civil rights workers were murdered in Mississippi in 1964. The 1965 Watts riots. Leading to the group called the Black Panthers where black militants embraced black power and violence became a form of protest.
These violent forms of protest created war like riots and violence across America which is not what Dr.King message was trying to send out. In fact, it was the opposite. I think the Civil rights movement was effective when the African American and minority communities and even later on the LGBT and Woman communities embraced the nonviolent forms of protest. These gained many media attention and caught the eyes of many people in the country including the white, and male community. I think the NAACP and Martin Luther King Jr gained the most for the African American community during this time. They gained the right to sit where they wanted on the bus, no segregation in public school, the right to vote. Dr. King’s tactics sent a powerful message around the world that violence is not the answer, but peace and equality is. That’s what I take out from the Civil rights movement, today we see many riots and it doesn’t change anything. Dr. King would want the world to see you can send a powerful message from nonviolence, and that something today in this society I feel can help make America a better and more equal place to live for all.