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In then 1800s, the Industrial Revolution affected many workers by having them work more when they thought they’d be working. Especially because of the new technology that was developing. Which was machines. By having machines become apart of the work force, workers thought less hours would be needed for work, the work conditions would be way better than they were, and less stress. But instead, it was the complete opposite. They worked more but yet the pay was very low. To the point where women who mainly did domestic chores, had to actually go out and find jobs to help support their husbands to make ends meet. The sad fact about the women working was that it didn’t matter if the women were working more or harder than the men, the men were viewed more powerful over women. Meaning men were paid higher then women. Around the same time, child labor came along and children worked as many or close to the same amount of hours as their elders. Which was about 12 to 16 hours a day. Education started to suffer because many would spend time working instead of going or focusing on school. Worker felt as if their needs weren’t getting met. Until eventually, things started to turn around. Wages and benefits started to raise. The work week is shorter and the workplace became safer. Because of the industrial revolution, it helped shape the world into the work place we have today.