Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac was a French explorer who came to North America and founded the city of Detroit . He had a clear cut plan, set to civilize the Natives that were established on that land.  Cadillac’s prejudices towards the Native Americans is because of the lack of understanding other cultures outside of his own.  When he arrived he wanted the Natives to acclimate to his own culture but not opening himself up to theirs, forcing them to change their way of life. Cadillac thought of himself and his peoples culture to be superior than that of the Native Americans, making them look as less of a culture compared to his own.
Cadillacs view of the natives that were here were very prejudice, he referred to them not as people but as savages and beast. He described them as unintelligent, non-religious, violent, and uneducated. With this way of think he wanted to “fix” the savages to be more Canadianized. By this it meant to teach them their languages, beliefs, vales, and way of life. Women were used as pawns in the way of marrying the maddens of the Native tribe with the settlers to try to strengthen alliances and raise the offspring that had together as Europeans.g
His in depth plan had been spanned over several years to fully complete his assimilation. The way he conducted his plan was by moving small colonies of Canadians next to them to teach them their language, values, and religion. Helping their sick to make them feel obligated to follow French rule. By incorptaing the Natives into their daily lives and marrying their maddens into Canadian families after teaching the religion and beliefs, Cadillac thought that established colonies would bring them peace and friendship throughout tribes. Cadillacs plan exploited women, as the weaker and less intelligent gender.
The point of this writing was for Cadillac to report back to the king of France of how the assimilation of the North was proceeding. The gender norms that this proclaims is that the European men and Native American men were the hunters, gathers, and explorers, while the women would stay and take care of the home and children. Cadillacs plan succeeded. The Natives that stayed were assimilated in the culture, and the natives that refused were eliminated or force out of the area. Overall his plan was achieved but lost to Brittan during the siege of Detroit in 1812.

(Grimm 17)