Women and African Americans were not appreciated that much in the 1890’s. “The dominant notions about gender roles, however, emphasized the need for women to remain in the home, focusing on creating a moral and nurturing environment for their husbands and children. According to this view the outside world of business and politics was the male sphere, full of corruption, dishonesty, immorality, and violence that threatened virtuous womanhood” (516). With women not having the vote and African Americans discriminated against, the political process worked in the white man’s favor. Since it was only white men being able to vote, it was always whatever they decided. A lot of women during this time were fighting for their rights. Many women joined the women’s suffrage movement, so that they could have the right to vote.(Keene, 517) This was a time where there was a lot of racism going on. With that being said, white women didn’t let black women join their clubs. So, African American women made separate clubs, for the same reasons. Americans also began to see “New Women”, meaning more women began to focus on their education, the political process, and set back getting married.(Keene, 517) This was just a start of women, minorities, and working men achieving their goal to be involved in the political process.

 Politics were considered an arena for the rich only. After a while the People’s Party was formed. It was created by the alliances of farmers. Not only farmers, but industrial workers as well, had enough of the political process. Although, they did not succeed they were eventually noticed by the mainstream political parties.(Keene, 523) Once women, minorities, and working men got their right to vote they impacted the political process, because they made it so it was more fair. They would vote for things that wouldn’t necessarily make the rich happy. They would vote on things that mattered to them, more than always being in the rich’s favor.