As the book A History of the Great Lakes State, states the war of 1812 dramatically transformed Michigan’s future. On August 16th of 1812 Hull agreed to surrender over to the British as Brock asked him to. Later Hull was sentenced to death as he was guilty of cowardice, negligence of duty and un-officer like behavior (Rubenstein and Ziewacz, 2014). However, in September 1813 Harrison ordered all of Detroit to be burned and evacuated, which lead to twelve British killed, thirty-six wounded and over 600 taken prisoner. Ultimately, giving Americans reclamation of Detroit.

Rubenstein and Ziewacz state that the war created many positive outcomes. Such as, allowing families to stay in Michigan again, the end of British possession and the last of Indians fighting against the whites. The British threat deletion helped increase Michigan’s population from 8,500 in 1820 to 31,000 in 1830. More than 60,000 individuals resided in Michigan by 1833. And, in 1835 individuals of Michigan formed a constitution that was later implemented with a Bill of Rights.

The constitution was present to promote equality to all people. The legislative department was divided amongst three departments being the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial to divvy out power proving to do well. All except legislators, governors and lieutenant governors were by gubernatorial appointments. The inclusion of the Bill of Rights was set to put a limit on government power I feel. Lastly, Would I add any rights to the constitution? Yes, I would, I would suggest promoting education as a national value through a constitutional amendment. Ensuring all children, a right to a high quality of education.