The first constitution says a lot about Michiganians. It was the first constitution that allowed them to become a state. First the constitution starts off with the Bill Of Rights. The constitution really emphasizes individual liberties. It goes over how the Michigan people have a right to interact with their government and choose who represents them as a state.

It protects their religious beliefs and freedom of speech and press.  The constitution also prohibited unlawful search and seizures and providing jury trials for the Michigan people. The 1835 constitution favored electing officials into office other than the Supreme Court Justices. All lower court judges were to be elected by the Michigan people. Also treasurers, sheriffs, county, and so on.

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The constitution favored electing people into offices. Representatives and Senators were both elected by constituents based on population. The constitution allowed state pending on internal improvements. Michigan writing a constitution for itself says that Michigan had different things to focus on back than rather then we do now.  Our Bill Of Rights focuses more on electing in our officials, freedom of speech, press, religion, and protecting the Michigan people from unnecessary search and seizures, while making sure they had a right to trial and a jury.

I do not think I would add any other amendments to the Bill Of Rights. I would change amendment number nineteen though. I would have it be that no ones private property shall be taken for public use without the owners consent. Without the owners consent the property can not be used. Not with just without just compensation therefor.

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