Progressives were people who really didn’t agree with Social Darwinism.  They wanted social problems such as race, religion, and violence to be sorted out through good education backgrounds, a safe place to live, and an efficient workplace. Progressives mainly lived in cities were the “Middle class” people. They hated the fact that the upper 2% controlled the nations banking industry.

Progressives really wanted to regulate everything in the working environment. Child labor laws, women working, and minimum wage were all fairly new at this point in time.  These regulations were something progressive’s wanted to be taken seriously. “Go to work early, come home late, eat and go to sleep? And the next day work, eat, and sleep?” -eleven year old Jewish immigrant. Progressives believed there should be more to a day than working and eating. They wanted fair shifts, wages, and working conditions.

Progressives wanted the government to take action but recognized they could side with the major corporations. They wanted a governement that would protect workers and curve the excesses of huge corporations and put them at odds with the industrialists and the unions. Industrialist were huge fan of laissez- faire and wanted to control their business. Union workers really viewed government interventions with unease. The government always sided with the big corporations. Progressives needed a balance between the two. As a result, Capital America was born.

Child labor was a huge progressive stand point. They believed children should attend school and go home to play. Progressives believed that child labor just showed the greed of employers who would hire children only to do tasks the adults could not fit. These tasks were normally horribly dangerous and children got hurt all the time.

A minimum wage was something that progressives fought for. They wanted everyone to be able to live off their salary. They believed everyone deserved a certain amount of pay and could move up the ladder from their. Progressives really made a strong impact and encouraged numerous laws and regulations.

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