The dawn of the Progressive Era brought its namesake. Which formed a “Political Party” for lack of a better term, despite the fact that they realized the creation of political parties brought turmoil to the government. They sought to find true Democracy through heavy, yet fair regulation. Regulation of officials, businesses, everything, would lead to a more true sense of Democracy rather than Capitalism. Though the Progressives were still capitalists to an extent, they were by no means capitalists “through-and-through”.

The Progressives were primarily female, wives of middle classed husbands, though the middle class was the upper class at that time. They fought heavily for Women’s Sufferage (Huzzah), as well as secret ballots, which gave you the right to vote privately. In addition to those, they fought for a lack of trust in business, trust-busting being the technical term, to keep big business from getting to big a handful in things and causing more trouble than imaginable.

The 16th Ammendment was also a product of the Progressives, giving tax payers a right to tell governemnt officials how to use their money in a sense. Pure food and drink was a large focus for them, looking to keep things pure of literal corruption, drugs, and any addictive material.

Personally, I believe that it would be ethically correct if the government did regulate safety, as well as rules and laws to instill that safety. Having a set amount of minimum or maximum hours would be a reasonably good idea as well. Notning to an extreme sense, but somewhere around a minumum of 16 hours minimum, and 40 hours maximum. Keeping in mind thats an example, and a poor one at that, but set amounts of hours wouldn’t be an all bad thing.