“I’m just tired of it Nancy!” exclaims George pounding his fist on the kitchen table, “I can’t take this treatment anymore! I think we need to move North, lots of us are!” “Are you sure baby, I mean you have such a stable job here won’t it be harder to find another one?” “No, I think any work in the North will be better than staying here in the South! We need to teach our children not to put up with this awful segregation! We need to teach them the freedom to be who they are!” Many African Americans felt this way as they continually fought for their freedom and gained nothing in the South.   Southerners didn’t accept them and fought against them having rights, making it difficult for African Americans to find jobs or transportation. In the North however, whites were much more accepting, and there many more opportunities for black citizens. With hope in there hearts many found ways to move North and escape segregation.

Prospects in the North were so much better, so it was no wonder that many African American citizens wanted to travel there. There were more job oppurtunities with higher paying wages, and everything from restaurants, to bathrooms and ways of transportation were way less segregated than in the South. Education was also a big factor with its many segregated and unsegregated schools, that gave African American children a chance at a fine education from kindergarten to their college years. Adult males of color also had more voting rights which was far more improved than the Souths views. These were all factors that played into why African American people decide to travel North, however it was hard for them to find transportation to get there, as well as new jobs once they got there.

African American people who couldn’t afford to travel to the North, wrote letters to employers to try to find work with them and transportation there. Many northern employers were happy to take on black workers, especially for more manual labor, like meat packing, warehouse and domestic jobs.  African Americans welcome these types of jobs in order to escape the south, and because many had little education these were the types of jobs most knew how to do. Southerners were happy to see them go and encouraged others to leave as well leaving a majority of black U.S. citizens living in the North and very few left in the south. African Americans were finally getting the freedom they had been fighting for.

Segregation in the North was fading, and African Americans were gaining freedom. Their children were gaining information and were going to be able to make the future for blacks even greater. Migrating to the North seemed to open all new doors to them, and they were steadily climbing higher. The prospects were high for them  and they were on the right track to becoming completely equal. It was hard rode but they were finally on there way to complete equality.