Michigan faced much adversity at first while trying to find the ground to lay out a plan for easy accessible public education. I was actually very surprised at the fact that our forefathers stressed the need and importance for education. I personally would have assumed that settlers would be more focused on labor work (farming, mining, lumber work) considering we were a relatively new state.

Many of Michigan’s early settlers came from the east, and with them they brought their Puritan beliefs. They viewed education as godly, and they thought a moral society could only result from an educated citizenry. These beliefs became the base for building Michigan’s first public education system. Although they were starting from scratch, they had many things to go off of. According to the book Michigan: A history of the great lakes state, the early stages of Michigan’s education system was heavily influenced of the one in place in Germany. It was described as, “state supervised”, and a “highly efficient centralized program of public education”.

Michigan got off to the right start. They realized that brand new guidelines would have to be set in place in order to give the system any type of structure. It definitely helped that all major influential figured at the time in our state were heavy advocates of public education. I agree with the idea of putting out taxes on citizens to help pay for the public schooling system, but I definitely think they could have developed a much better way for collecting the money. Not every kid was going to be attending school, so it was very easy to work ways around not paying it. I believe had Michigan been a bit more modern and established itself that their system might have worked even better and even smoother.

I believe that our forefathers included access to public education in the constitution for many reasons. Not only do I believe that they deemed it completely necessary, but they also viewed it as a right that we as citizens are endowed too. They wanted to make sure education was obtainable by anyone who seek it.