As America stepped into the 1920s is was as though we jumped right into a new world of progress and exhilaration.  For some this made it feel as though we were stepping away from our morals.  Some people(drys) saw prohibition as just one way we could keep America’s ethnic purity.  In 1920 the eightieth amendment came into effect, which prohibited the selling and purchasing of intoxicating liquor.

To the drys they saw a positive outcome from this legislation, they saw workers excelling at their work.  They saw men who could now afford new luxuries for their homes, and still had money to put in their savings.  What they saw was men influencing their children once again instead of alcohol influencing men.

There was one problem though, the real problem wasn’t solved.  People still got their share of alcohol, they just did it illegally.  Teenagers were drinking contaminated alcohol, many wets said it would be better if they would be able to drink publicly in cafes, then they would not face this problem.  Just because something is illegal doesn’t mean people won’t get it.

I do not think the government should have passed this legislation.  I don’t believe it really helped the problem at hand.  The people who abused the use of alcohol were going to do so whether it was illegal or not.  All it did was leave men who drank responsible without the pleasure of doing so.

(Keene, Cornell and O’Donnell. Visions of America: Chapter 21 pages 636,637,638)