Hazen S. Pingree was a man the was very popular among the people. Getting elected in the election of 1890, he was now the new mayor of Detroit. Pingree was a progressive man pushing for reform in the urban areas, which made him a favored among the common people. Pushing for equal rights of the common man is what had made him such a loved man by the people. During his time as the mayor of Detroit Pingree brought about reforms in many areas including lighting and gas to be owned by the city or government rather than private business affairs. The reforms being brought into the picture by Pingree made the richer more powerful people not re-elect him for the mayor trying to distinguish some of him power because he was so popular among the common people.
The actions that Pingree took to be considered a social reformer include many of the rights for the people that were not yet in place before we came into some sort of power. Some of the reform movements that Pingree was the main force behind include the safety of railroads for all classes of people, the potato farms to feed the people, also selling his horse to show that it was more important to him that having his people starve. After not being re-elected for the mayor of Detroit Pingree was nominated and won the election for the office of govoner of Michigan. As the governor of Michigan Pingree used what power he had to continue to help the people and forward his reforms within the state. Some of the reforms that he took place in were the continuation of equalization of taxes, improving labor standards, and abolishing immoral business operation.
Pingree is known as a social reformist because of the efforts that he had made to introduce a democratic political style and bring fairness amongst the people. Comparing the style of Pingree in a political aspect to what our politics look like today, he would be viewed as a democrat wanting equality for everyone pushing for things such as more government control and also affordable health care and education. I would compare him to the most recent democratic runner for president Hillary Clinton, I feel that they share many of the same views but also wanting everything to be as equal as possible. Though Pingree did not nearly have as much power as a president I feel that they were rooting for the same issues to be fixed. Though many of the reforms that Pingree was pushing for did not get completed it did start social reform and the beginning of change in the political society.
The people look to the President when in doubt about something bigger than what is happening in their community. The president is a future head that is supposed to lead the people and represent the majority the best that they possibly can. If there is an issue that occurs that is not big enough for the president to look into it is brought to the higher authority of the sate such as a governor of the state. Go ones have broader terms of power than what they did so many years ago, they handle the problems that involve their state only not federal government. With the amount of problems arising with people disagreeing with Trump could cause similar issues that they had encountered back then. It is split with the people if Trump is good for this country or not, with all of the different views of the people today it is much harder to appeal to such a majority of people.

Michigan A History of the Great Lakes States

Bruce A. Rubenstein and Lawerence E. Ziewacz