In my opinion Prohibition was dumb it increased crime and created more organized crime. It kind of came back and smacked the government in the face. Prohibition told the government that you couldn’t take alcohol away from the people because everyone drank. Bootleggers smuggled alcohol to people which created speakeasies. The fact was that people wanted to drink and no one was going to stop drinking. Organized crime became a huge deal with mobsters like Al Capone start bootlegging and became rich.

Prohibition was not all that bad. It was actually a good idea in theory it just back fired. It would stop alcohol poisoning and other alcohol related sicknesses. It was supposed to help people get off of a harmful substance. People didn’t like the government telling them what to do. People for states rights didn’t like it because they thought that the federal government shouldn’t have this much control on the states. It would also make addicts go cold turkey.

Prohibition also made it the norm to brake the law by drinking. Even though it was illegal lots of people still drank. Drinking at a bar was usually just for men but now it became a place for men and women