During the war, some propaganda against alcohol arose. This split the country into two types of people: wet’s and dry’s. The dry’s thought that banning alcohol would make the men in our country more prosperous with the time they’re saving from not drinking. But this completely backfired when men started getting into more crimes, gangs, and participating in other illegal activity. The government also didn’t have enough money to enforce these laws as much as they needed to, so they ended up only searching and busting urban, working class neighborhoods while rich people could enjoy their home brewed beer all to themselves. This was obviously not a good idea.  

I don’t think this amendment should have even been able to be made. This is infringement on our rights as American, and making it illegal greatly hurt our country. But then again this can be said about other substances like heroin and marijuana. Both of these substances were once legal in the U.S., and were even prescribed as medicine! This issue isn’t all black and white because of this fact. To be clear, I am happy that alcohol is legal, but there is some hypocrisy on this issue. Why are cigarettes and alcohol legal when they kill so many people per year? Why is marijuana illegal if it kills absolutely no one per year? We are all very biased with how we were raised. In my opinion, I think marijuana should be legalized since it doesn’t hurt anyone, and I guess all other drugs should be either legalized or all be illegal. Those other drugs include alcohol and cigarettes along with heroine and meth. Cigarettes kill more people than alcohol and all other narcotics combined! How are these still legal. Overall, I think the U.S. should get much more fair laws about drugs. They weren’t fair back then and they aren’t fair now.