In a world full of war, many would say the United States was in a crisis. Although World War II was an opportunity for unemployed white workers, African Americans were left empty handed. Their jobs in the war was limited to service workers. In fact, the Marine and Army Air Corps refused to accept blacks at all. Ideally you would think America would take advantage of jobless African Americans and use them for war. However, the United States valued discrimination more and wanted to continue those practices.

Part of this crisis was fascism going on in parts of Africa. This angered blacks and most of them wanted to help in some type of way. African Americans felt like they were being attacked as a entire race. This encouraged a black man to suggest to the Pittsburgh Courier, a “Double V” campaign. Which represented the idea victory abroad  and victory over racism at home.

The “Double V” campaign brought many African American organizations together. And together they to gained consciousnesses and strength.  Although president Roosevelt listened to their protest, merely nothing was done. Following the “Double V” campaign, Phillip Randolph constructed the March on Washington Movement (MOWM). Being that this march had an expectancy of 100,000 African Americans, President Roosevelt encouraged Randolph to cancel. In exchange for his cancellation, President Roosevelt agreed to an executive order addressing discrimination in war programs.

Even though this executive order didn’t nearly fix all discrimination issues in the military, it was a start of something new. I’m sure with out the aggression of African American organizations, this change in history could not have been made. In addition, this also opened doors for future improvements of war programs.  I think that African American were successful in improving the conditions and limitations of blacks in war, however; I think even after this there was still much that needed to be done.

The African-American Odyssey, Volume 2. Seventh Edition. Personal Inc