Putting myself in the shoes of a Japanese American at this time and if I was sent to one of these camps, I wouldn’t be happy! What makes America great and different from all the other countries is the free we have. The reason why these Japanese people came to America was for that privilege. Going into these camps, you take away that privilege for the amount of years they spent in these camps.

Yes, people can say “These camps protected them from people that wanted to hurt them.” because of the war with Japan at the time and the verbal abuse they receive from non Japanese people, but that’s why we have a justice system and these people we will punished for their acts. The living conditions at these camps were terrible! The apartments/rooms the families lived in were very small, the weather was unpleasant to be in, and there was barb wire fences that surrounded the camps like they were in prison.

The Japanese Americans did the most they could do at these camps. They had their own schooling system, churches, and farms they lived off of until the war was over. On the other hand, these Americans could only socialize with other Japanese Americans and not any other american. These camps made a stronger bond between every Japanese American and I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to move back to Japan after feeling unwanted like they did.

If I was a Japanese American and I went through three years in one of these camps, I wouldn’t want to live in America after, I would feel betrayal because I became an American to have their citizenship rights! I wanted to live the american dream, work a full time job, have a family, a house, pets, and drink beer with my friends on our days off. I feel like the Japanese Americans were mistreated on this one.