Rosa Parks is well known for her role in the desegregation of America.  She refused to move to the back of the bus when a white man told her to.  However, little is known about when she stood up to a white man she accused of “near rape.”  There is some skepticism about whether the letter written about the assault is true or not, people claim that it doesn’t sound like something Parks would write.  I think it backs up the resilience and character shown throughout the civil rights movement.

Rosa Parks certainly had the right to break the law on the bus, as contradicting as that sounds. Her basic human and American rights were being violated as she was being treated unfairly and unequally.  She saw segregation and discrimination as wrong and unconstitutional.  There was also nothing violent about the way she protested, everything was peaceful.

I have never heard of her being a diminished by anyone speaking about her today.  I do think it could be perceived as diminished because people would think she just got sick and tired of giving up her seat which seems like the tipping point.  Something in her boiled over and she just refused to move.  This then snowballed into a huge ordeal that ended up being one of the most important moments in the civil rights movement.