Rosa Parks activist attitude started long before that historical day on the bus. Her spirit of defense and defiance had almost been passed down in her genes. As a child she watched her grandfather fight back against the brutal and torturous KKK. She learned about racial pride from her family, which led her to spend her life fighting against white supremacy.

She joined her husband Raymond and others in secret meetings to defend the Scottsboro boys, nine young men accused of raping two white women. Rosa was elected branch secretary on the NAACP of Montgomery in 1943. This required Rosa to investigate and document acts of racist and sexist brutality.

Rosa Parks dedicated her entire life to fight back against white supremacy. She believed that the color of your skin should not define you as a person, and that everyone should be treated equally. Her background as a human rights activist and fierce detective made her more than qualified to be the face of the Montgomery bus boycotts.

Being so well known for the Montgomery bus boycotts over shadows all other courageous acts Rosa Parks demonstrated. She recognized that sometimes laws have to be broken in order to make change. The government is not going to willingly admit they had made a mistake. In some cases civil disobedience is necessary to push change.


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