In my opinion it is most certainly acceptable to break the law in order for change. Take Rosa Parks for example if she hadn’t broke the law and ridden the bus and not gotten up then we would still be segregated in almost everything that we do in this world. We would still be riding different buses/modes of transportation, we would still be eating in different restaurants and using different bathrooms. I think that in order to make change in this world we most certainly need to break some laws. In the world we live in now it is almost impossible to go a whole day without breaking some sort of law. Whether it be like most people driving 5 miles per hour over the speed limit everywhere or not stopping at every stop sign. We would have multiple tickets or even be arrested everyday if we were to get caught for everything most people do in a daily basis. Most people say laws are mean’t to be broken and in certain cases that is the case. If we were to have peaceful protests and no laws were broken then nothing would ever be accomplished. So in my opinion, yes some laws need to be broken in order for change to happen and make this world a better place.