In 1963, when Lyndon Johnson became president many thought that the racial, social and economic disparities dividing blacks from whites would reside but with Johnson’s domestic social policies this caused problems. With many black Americans fed up with America’s society a lot of leaders and scholars like Stokely Carmichael and Charles Hamilton pushed for black power and black separatism. White Americans saw this as a threat as for one example after Johnson was elected the state of California approved an amendment that repealed all existing legislation prohibiting discrimination in the sale or renting houses, this was later turned down by the Supreme Court but its passage suggested that white opposition to racial integration was not confined to the South.


Blacks Americans were tired of the injustice they were giving and the “slow pace of change” within the cities. This caused for blacks to come together and conjoin religious  practice and faith with political activism and social change. With more young African- Americans, diverse black religious leaders this and the political and economic differences white Americans led to positive change in the civil right movement. A major leader during this time period for Blacks was Malcom X. He had a lot of power over the black community because of his knowledge, faith and courage. He knew for change to happen there might be major risks like losing your life, that’s what a revolution is about “bloodshed”. Stokely Carmichael the chairman of SNCC famous slogan “Black Power” was for blacks to stand up and let white Americans know that it’s been enough of this unfair treatment and it will come to an end.


In the Black Panther Video I watched the Black Panther movement was an organization that refused to be ignored for their rights and what they stood for; The Black Panthers wanted Freedom, the ability to determine the destiny of their own people, they wanted equal rights; this was an non-violence movement  about self-defense,  justice and equality. The panthers advocated a “radical economic, social and educational agenda that had the target of a determined campaign of suppression by the police and FBI”. Many black Americans were talking about “power to the people” and how blacks have to protect or watch over themselves because no one else is not even the police they were only there to “continue to enslave them” The movement was first led by Fred Hampton.


Although not everyone agreed with how The Black Panthers handled business (even some blacks at first) their revolution made a major impact on the black community. The courage they showed to not give in to White America and their “stand up for what’s right” mentality sparked a change in America. This is something that I respect a lot because it takes strong individuals to do such things. Some people lost their lives, others went to prison but it was all for a reason, the generations to come.






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