The civil rights movement is one of the most crucial events in American history, specifying an invigorating example of Americans fighting for the morals of justice and equality. During the 1950s through the 1970s, there were several civil right’s movements that took place. I’m sure all of us are thinking about the occurrence of the African American civil rights timeline.

One specific event on December 1st, 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama when Rosa Parks was arrested for sitting in the “Whites Only” section of the bus. Also, Martin Luther King Jr. who is known as the father of civil rights movement, who gave his “I have a Dream Speech.” In the south, African Americans were forced to use separate entrances to buildings, separate drinking fountains and separate bathrooms. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted equal rights between African Americans and Whites and for there to no longer be any racial segregation.

Another well known event that occurred during the civil rights movement happened to be the Brown vs. Board of Education. On February 1st, 1960 in Greensboro, North Carolina, lunch counters were segregated. This was known as the Sit-down Movement. This was a protest where “white’s” came in and occupied every seat so the African Americans had no where to sit or eat. African-Americans were not allowed to be served at “White’s Only” counters. During this act, four young African-American men sat at the counter waiting to be served until they closed, but the “white’s” refused to let them sit, eat and to be served.

On May 4th, 1961, a diverse group of thirteen brave individuals, known as the Freedom Riders boarded on a bus passage to the South in order to face and challenge segregation in bus terminals. Following this act was another civil rights movement known as the Birmingham protests. These protests were a focal point in the months of April and May, 1963. Birmingham was a place where the KKK integrated to bring violence to the African Americans. Under these circumstances, Martin Luther King Jr. took it upon himself to come to Birmingham to establish and succeed a sequence of non-violent protests in the city.

Overall, various people took it upon themselves to fight for equality and justice in America. These people stood for their beliefs and made bold, but simple motions that transcended across generations. Because of these acts, America continues to strive towards equality across race, genders, etc. Between all of these civil rights movements, the protests that occurred in Birmingham, accomplished the most and brought justice for African Americans. The speech during these protests brought up scenarios for all civil rights movements that occurred. John F. Kennedy considered this himself one of the major turning points in the civil rights movement and ended with great victory when signs were removed that stated “whites only.”