Workers In The Industrial Revolution.

Workers in the Industrial Revolution seemed to have to find their own way in their jobs with little helping coming from their bosses or superiors. With all the new changes in technology skills that used to be so special turned to not being needed anymore. When skilled jobs were no longer need, people found themselves working in no skill jobs within factories. While many of us see the Industrial Revolution being a big stepping stone in our country, the workers who started it did not have a easy way of life.

These workers worked long days for not very much pay. They were very tiring jobs and were also very dangerous. Between working in either factories or mines there was not much safety and workers risked their lives going to work every day. Breaks were rare and very short and left these workers exhausted at the end of the day.

When the thoughts of unions came along many employers did not want them in their work places. Employers saw unions cutting their profits down and taking to much control in their work places. These employers had workers who would listen to other workers and let the employer know of anyone who was in talks in making a union and they would be fired. When the workers tried to strike it just led to the employers making new hires and not worrying about their old workers coming back.

Along with this employers most of the time had support of a judge or jury if a labor dispute went into court. Unions did not have the resources that were needed for beating these employers who could afford to spend money in court.

On the other side of this workers saw unions as a way to get them labor laws and protect them at work. They saw unions a way to get better hours and have fair breaks. Along with this was their change to get a fair pay and have safer working conditions. In all the Industrial Revolution has helped this country get to where it is today, but without the workers who fought through these tough times none of this would possible.

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13 thoughts on “Workers In The Industrial Revolution.

  1. I feel that the industrial revolution can be related in today’s world. When new technology comes out, it can put people out of a job. Many people now a day have to work two jobs in order to financially make it. It takes a two income household to financially make it, like it was during the industrial revolution. The richer get richer (large business corporations) and the poorer get poorer (small business).

  2. Working in the industrial revolution would of been horrible. Low pay, lot of hours and dangerous jobs, along with children working. I can’t imagine what all those workers went through to get us where we are today.

    1. I completely agree, it would have been horrible! However, we have to deal with some of that today too. Not nearly as bad of coarse. But, we still have to have 2 incomes+ to even meet ends meet. Some people have 3 jobs just themselves to live. We may have higher pay now, but cost of living has risen so we still can’t afford anything.

  3. After reading what workers had to go through in the past, I have a feeling I will never complain about my working conditions ever again. It must have been so difficult to work long hours for a monotonous job that didn’t pay well or have any safety regulations. I would not be happy risking my life every day for a job that didn’t even provide me with enough for comfortable living.

  4. It was horrible how when new technology came out that a lot of people lost their jobs, because they were not needed anymore. Child labor was horrible too depriving children of their education and making them work in inhumane conditions is horrible.

    1. It is curious to see whether or not as technology as expands today, a trend will continue where people are replaced with machines. It is a lot cheaper to run a machine to take your order at McDonald’s, than pay a worker a high minimum wage.

      1. It is an interesting thing to keep track of, but on the other hand, at least in area where I live, they are always looking for people for minimum wage jobs. The idea that “everybody needs a college degree” has taken over and there are few people left that will take the factory or “unskilled” jobs. Even though technology is taking over, it is somewhat working out because there are less people looking for those types of jobs.

      2. I have thought this very thing. With machines taking your order at restaurants. The new grocery store thing where cameras watch you and when you add an item to your shopping cart, it is automatically charged to your card. Drones bringing your packages. Online schooling. AI has come very far and soon i’m scared it will be how it was and everyone will be out of jobs.

  5. Employers of the industrial revolution prioritized profits and cost cutting over the well being of employees. Employees were expected to work long hours and dangerous jobs with little pay and no benefits. Since the advent of unions and other lobbying bodies, employees have been fighting for and gaining more and more rights.

  6. The industrial revolution was a huge time for our country as we used it to learn and grow. Although the people of this time were living a low quality of life, it taught us that we needed laws and regulations to protect our workers. I can only imagine how hard the struggle must have been to find a job and be productive at it with the long shifts and changing skills. It would be hard for me to go from profession to another having to learn all new skills and machinery.

  7. The way you talked about the new technologies that take over certain jobs really relates to how jobs fluctuate recently. So many new technologies are being introduced and not many people know how to work them but instead of having the technology work alongside the people it just takes over that specific job. It can be hard for people to go back to school to learn a whole new set of skills to perform the same job with newer technology.

  8. I thought you did a amazing job with your blog. I agree that workers seen unions as a way to keep them safe and put their best interest first. I also agree that they had a very difficult life trying to survive the hard labor that their jobs put them through just to support their families. I think technologies can take anybodies job. Its just a matter of time before, skilled job get replaced by technology. Again i think you did amazing job this week!

  9. As bad as the working conditions were during the Industrial Revolution, at least the workers found a safety net when it came to unions. All unions were intended to do is actively make sure workers were taken care of and didn’t have to risk their lives every day just simply trying to provide for their families. I think factory owners always looked at worker’s unions as a bad thing because they wanted to get away with overworking their workers for extensive hours for as little of pay as they could manage to get away with. I would have given up if I had to work under these conditions for not enough money to provide for my family. Skilled jobs would be the only way to make a decent living but once those were taken away nothing was left besides factory jobs which were dangerous to begin with.

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