Modern Society

In the united states, the urban population grew in a  astonishing rate between the 1860 and 1900. By the end of the 1900s, every two in five Americans lived in urban areas. Men migrated to urban areas due to agriculture becoming more mechanized, lowing demand for farm labor. As for women, the rise of American manufacturing, led to seek economic opportunities in the cities. The men and women were challenged to adjust to the new lifestyle. In the 1890s, immigrant groups formed ethnic enclaves, because they faced discrimination from Americans and other immigrant groups. By grouping together, they thought it would enhanced their chances of success in America. By grouping together they could help each other rout to survive by helping each other find jobs. Foe example Italians in Boston’s north end clustered on certain streets depending on where they came from.

ManyAmericans still saw cities as a exciting place for opportunity, entertainment, and new technology. The word “slums” was common in New York’s lowermost side in 1890, population per square mile was 334,000 people. High rates of disease and death were in every city. One disease was horse, they would drop six million pounds of manure on the streets every day. Most cities sell goods on the sidewalks, including food. These horrible conditions contributed to the epidemics. In 1890s about 10,000-12,000 children died before they were five years old. Even in the worst conditions the demand for housing was high, causing renters to rise continually. For the poor it lead to evictions, which were about 16,000 a year in New York. Due to the overall growth of people in the cities, crime also grew.

The Bradley Martin Ball in 1897 reflected rising discontent. that made farmers and industrial workers feeling exploited by powerful corporations. To address these problems were the elected officials, but they found them unresponsive. Most politicians remained lazy, which argued against government intervention in the economy. This period was marked by the most bitter and violent stiles in American history. The rise of the third party which was mostly farmers, workers, and reformers, to challenge the republicans and democrates.

The political process didn’t work very well, because they didn’t have support from a lot of the population. When women can’t vote yet, all they had was men. African Americas were anger that they couldn’t do anything about it. Poor people like farmers, and the workers were not even thought about due to their situtions. I think that politics were considered only for the rich, because they were lazy, they didn’t want to help the poor or their problems. They thought about themselves and the rich. Women, minorities, and the working men impacted the political process in a big way towards the end of the 1800s, early 1900s when they formed the third party. Which was made up of the working class, it was the peoples choice, which impacted the political process one way or another.


Keene, Jennifer D., et al. Visions of America: a history of the United States. Pearson, 2017.


9 thoughts on “Modern Society

  1. I can’t even imagine how the people who lived in the slums survived. It was horrible the conditions that they lived in all the disease’s that they had to deal with, all the crime, not having big enough apartments to live in.

  2. And breaks my heart thinking about how the people in the slums had to live. And how the immigrants had to live on certain streets because they felt more safe but their own kind. It’s sad to me how humans have little to know regard as to how others are feeling, living, and being treated.

  3. It breaks my heart thinking about how the people in the slums had to live also. And how the immigrants had to live on certain streets because they felt more safe but their own kind. It’s sad to me how humans have little to know regard as to how others are feeling, living, and being treated. I wish more people had more compassion so there would be more happiness and less hate within this world.

  4. It’s really sad how people lived in the slums. Disease infested and a place where they dumped horse manure on the streets where people also sold food. Not only was the slum disease infected also had to have a horrible smell from the manure being dump their. Children died at very young ages and record number of adults from different diseases. Such a sad situation.

  5. It is absolutely terrible how the poor had to live. The large gap between the rich and the poor showed how much politics were not in favor of the poor and working people. Politics were rich, the money was invested in the rich, and the workers were left with nothing. In another class that I am taking, we are talking about the deep divide between rich and poor in other countries. I wish they could learn from our past so this doesn’t have to be repeated on others.

  6. I agree that living conditions in cities at this time had to be awful. It’s really hard for me to imagine myself being able to live in such poor conditions. I think that slums and rough areas of the city is the reason why political figures with money thought that they were better than the poor people of the crowded urban areas. Also, I feel that people with money and wealth ignored the inner city problems because they did not want to be associated with poor people in society, which is why these problems continued to grow and grow.

  7. I could not imagine living in cities during this time. My heart goes out to those who had to suffer living their lives in the slums just to survive. the living conditions in the slum were both dirty and unhealthy as many of the people living there were left with no choice to live their lives. All the disease the poor were forced to encounter makes me sick just thinking about it. The poor shouldn’t have had to live like this as the ones with money wouldn’t help them out because they didn’t want to associate with the poor people.

  8. It also saddens me how many people lived in slums and how the merchants sold food on sidewalks right next to roads that were covered with manure. It amazes me that it never occurred to them that doing so could have potential health risks, causing many deaths from eating the infected food. The people with money should’ve given some money to those who needed a shelter instead of making them live on manure-covered roads and sidewalks. It would’ve been the right thing to do but then again not many people like to step out from the crowd and help those in need.

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