Times started to change for men and women. Women started to have more time on their hands and wanted to do more but politically it was still a man’s game as they say. Some woman started to go to college but they could only be in contact with other women. (17.3.2). Women started clubs but they were divided. Women started to fight for their rights and views in the world. African Americans were fighting as well but they were still being discriminated against. A lot of men believed that politics was just for them and that the women did not have the ability to handle it. Showing this, men thought the political process was a man’s war and women could not have anything to do with it. (17.3.2).

Looking at how politics were back then a lot of people could not say anything. If you were a woman you did not have the right. If you were African American you were discriminated against. If you were a man and did not make a lot you probably did not have time to deal with politics. Mostly likely they were busy trying to make ends meet so their wives and children had everything they needed. (17.3.2)

Most people of the working class that struggled to make their ends meet would live in tenements. Tenement were buildings that were maybe four to six stories tall. One tenement would hold several families. Sometimes families even had to have their Children work and wives to cover daily living expenses. (17.1.3). They didn’t have time to look at politics because they were trying to keep their family afloat. On the other hand, people that were some what wealthy could pay more attention to what was happening not only just their family but outside of it.
The political process has changed over the years. Improvements for the future like women having right and being able to be a part of the political process. Everyone has different political view and how we voice them today is way different then what happend back then. Back then not everyone showed political views but now mostly everyone does.

Keene, Jennifer D. Visions of America: A History of the United States. 3rd ed., vol. 2, Pearson, 2017.

13 thoughts on “Politics

  1. Your blog was a very interesting one to read, and I really enjoyed it! I loved your analogy of saying politics back then was a man’s game. Although we have women Governors, Senators, Representatives, etc the political arena is still dominated by men. I wonder if it because more women feel that politics is a man’s world where they don’t have a place or if the historical aspect of men running the show is a stigma that many Americans view as an unchangeable occurrence. Great blog post!

  2. You can see there was quite an unfair and disproportionate advantage between the wealthy and poor. Not only their living style, but also with politics. The wealthy have more power simply because of their political ties, well, and money too. On the other hand, there was also an unfair advantage for men than women when it came politics. Just as you said, a “man’s game’. Although it is mostly male dominated, we have definitely made advancements in women’s rights so there are women in the political process today.

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog! I can’t imagine living in a time period where because you are a women or because of the color of your skin you wouldn’t be allowed to do something. Also, the fact that a women couldn’t go to college because they were only “allowed” to be around other women is something I was never aware of. I feel as if this is something, to an extent that people are still having to deal with in today’s society. For an example, companies/employers who think that it is okay to pay a man more than a women who is in the same position, because of their gender is outrageous to me. I know we have come a LONG way, but there are certainly areas that we are fighting to this day.

  4. I really enjoyed your blog an thought you brought up a lot of great points. It’s a shame that women and African Americans did not have a right to have their voice heard in politics, it’s completely unfair. It’s also a shame that only the rich man were basically the only people who had the power, while they’re at the top making money, the working class struggled to make ends meet. We are still fighting some of these issues to this day, we’ve come a long way, but there is still some work to do.

    1. Great blog!
      It is amazing to see how far we have come with not just the equality in politics, but also in society as a whole. I couldn’t even imagine living back in the 1890s when there were so many laws prohibiting certain groups to partake in politics. You mentioned that politics was a “mans game” and I still believe that it is still somewhat true in our society today. It is mostly dominated by men.

  5. If you look back to what little rights women had back then and now how much they have. Women have came a long way. More women now a days strived to be Mrs. Independent more then ever. A lot women now days say “they don’t need a man they can do themselves”. More and more women are also starting to be more powerful in the work force, like own their own business and be higher in management then men.

  6. I really enjoyed your blog, I thought that it went into depth about the lifestyles people had to live. It is hard to imagine myself (a women) not having any say in anything and having almost no rights what-so-ever. It’s amazing how much change happened once different organizations of women came together and fought for what they believed in and wanted. It is saddening to think about the living condition the poor families had to live in. Even thought they were living with multiple families their rent was so high that the children in the families would have to work just for them to make ends meet. I really liked how you tied it back in the end to today’s society.

  7. You’re right that many working men wouldn’t have time for politics. When you’re living in a tenement and struggling to take care of your family, politics probably wouldn’t be at the top of your priority list. This was most likely why the rich had the most say in politics. Thankfully, this isn’t a problem nowadays, with any American citizen, no matter how poor is able to vote.

  8. Your blog was very informative and I really enjoyed reading it. Politics during this era in American history were very corrupt and definitely operated under a “pay-to-play” system, those who had money had the power. Voters were bribed or persuaded by political machines and political bosses into voting for certain parties or candidates. Likewise, because of very limited rights, unless you were a white male, you held little power and did not have much of a voice. While money is still a necessity to be able to run for most political offices, it is fortunately not due to the purchasing of votes and only to advertisement of one’s campaign. Likewise, women and minorities are still under-represented in much of politics, but not nearly as badly as during America’s Gilded Age.

  9. Nice blog! I think the system back Then was extremely leaning one way or another. You either had money and could play in politics or you were poor and it wasn’t on your mind. As you struggled to do anything on top of all that living in almost hazard conditions. Glad things are different now!

  10. I found it eye opening to read the part of your blog that discussed how men of the working class often did not have time to pay attention to politics. While I understand that it was mostly the rich, white men that were involved in politics, I never considered how that could be because other white men did not have the time to dedicate to politics. The working class of white males were running themselves ragged trying to provide for their families. Many of these men were even having to send their wives and children into the dangerous work force. It is very possible that while they wanted these conditions to change, they were unable to lose a day at work- due to the loss of money that would cause. Therefore, the time it would take to play a vital role in politics just was not there for these men.

  11. I really liked this blog. It shows the massive lack of equality that there was back then. Now, it doesn’t matter who you are, you can get into politics. Back then, the only people that could talk about and participate in politics were white men who made enough money to not only worry about their family and be interested in other things.

  12. I agree that politics back then were very much for the rich white males of America. If this had continued to today our country would be very different. Last years election wouldn’t have been nearly as heated as it was since Hillary wouldn’t have been running since she was a woman and Obama would’ve never became president and eight years of our history would’ve been completely changed. Our world has been made so much better because of this change, both women and African-Americans have made great strides in all areas of science and we are much better off for them.

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