Between 1890 and 1920 was the most impactful time of the progressive era. The progressive era was a time of social and political improvement with the goal to make a better society. This era was started because of the negative effects of industrialization which included poor working environments for immigrants and political corruption which created a large gap in income between the lower class and upper class. Progressives are the people who fought for what was right in any type of working environment and made an effort to achieve safer working conditions for employees and also better wages. Many fought against private industries to force them to have regulations on their work conditions even though they were private. These private companies were only concerned with maximizing profit and finding ways to beat out their competitors until protection for these workers were made.
The government should have hour’s laws in place to keep employees from being overworked. This helps prevent employees from being overworked. Companies don’t want to pay employees overtime because it will increase their labor costs. Having laws on how long someone can work prevents greedy businesses from taking advantage of employees. Regulation of safety at your place of work is a very serious matter. If you’re job requires you to work with heavy machinery every day you need to know that there isn’t a defect in the machinery that may cause harm to you or around you. The same goes for a restaurant and the food it serves. As a consumer at a restaurant you deserve to know your food isn’t old or moldy. The government setting a minimum wage allows many people to be able to support their family and have a decent standard of living. Wanting to increase minimum wage will not help improve the standard of living for people with minimum wage jobs. It will simply cause inflation to rise and in effect will have no effect on their standard of living.
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6 thoughts on “Progressives

  1. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. In my opinion that will never change. Just as you said, raising the cost of minimum wage will only be reflected in our grocery stores, gas stations, really all of retail. If the milk farmers are now having to pay more money to workers for the same amount of milk being sold, they are not going to take that on the chin so they will rise the cost of a gallon of milk. That will be passed down to your local grocer and eventually that added cost will be passed down to the consumer. Its a broken system and I’m not sure how to fix it.

    1. I agree, I feel that it is a system that cannot be fixed. No matter where you make a change in the chain or workers, it effects the ending price of the goods. No matter the changes that are made for wages of the poor, they will still be just as poor as they were before in comparison. Milk will always cost pretty close to the same percentage of a poor persons income because the ratio of wages to cost will never truly change.

    2. It is really unfortunate that many people can’t live on minimum wage yet if the minimum wage is increased it also raises the cost of living as well and defeats the purpose of increasing it in the first place.

  2. The effectiveness of minimum wage actually depends on the type of market it is imposed on. Specifically, it can be beneficial to workers and a monopsony market if it can secure a higher minimum wage and employment level. Also, drawbacks of wage rigidity can be solved by assessing the minimum wage level more often, though this would involve other costs of transactions when policy-makers re-adjust wage levels too often. Most people who are working on low wages are usually those who do not have fully developed skill sets. However, they also need to work to support their needs, especially when they have families to take care of, leaving them no choice but to work even for a minimum fee. What’s worse, some of them are being tasked to perform labor-intensive work and do not have much of an opportunity to develop their skills to get a better job. Sad to say, there are employers who would not spend for training, knowing that they can hire people who can perform specific tasks without it.

  3. i agree with your viewpoint that the government should instill work hour laws, so people are forced to overwork. It was cause equality through corporations, from the employees to managers, etc. I also agree that raising minimum wage won’t affect anything because it will just cause inflation. I enjoyed reading this blog, very informing.

  4. I agree a lot with your comments on minimum wage. Only fluctuation in the wages has a direct impact on the markets of everyday type items like food, gas, etc. so any change in minimum wage causes that price to change. Good job on this post it was very informative.

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