Prohibition and America’s Addictive backlash

The 18th Amendment banned the sale production and using of alcohol. We had government Agencies hunting down people that were drinking the alcohol. There are many positive and negative aspects of Prohibition. On the positive side from the prohibition, this country saw a decrease in family violence, assault, homelessness, and deaths due to cirrhosis disease. This may be due to people not trusting the police at this time and not reporting incidents. This was the 1920’s version of what we know today as the war on drugs, but then it was the war on alcohol. Negatively the Prohibition leads to bootlegging, alcohol, and corruption with the law enforcement and the government. At this time there was organized crime like the mafia. The demand for alcohol rose which caused a rise in price for bootlegged alcohol being sold on the black market

The prohibition movement was an attempt in the 1920’s to bring in moral standards and bring people back from the great depression. This was a huge failure as people drank anyway and the government did release some poison liquor to make the people drinking it.

I believe that the government should not pass these types of moral legislation or laws. I believe that it is the government’s job to warn us of the effects of things for example like the warning label on cigarette packages. They should, However, allow us to make our own decisions wither to consume these harmful things or not, just like it is our choice to take medicines or not. This time in our history had many negative aspects that cannot outweigh to the positive ones in my opinion.

2 thoughts on “Prohibition and America’s Addictive backlash

  1. I agree with you, and I like they how you ststed that. It is our choice as to what we consume, and clearly banning alcohol didn’t stop anyone from making or consuming it. They could have done things a lot differently, like you said warning labels or even educating people of the harm of consuming so much alcohol at once.

  2. I do agree that banning alcohol did not stop people from consuming it, they just found different ways to get it and consume it without getting in trouble. This did increase the crime rate like you said because some people couldn’t live without alcohol.

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