Social Reforming

There is a bunch of sides people take on government issues. One thing people can pretty much agree on is we all want the best for everyone. Everyone deserves equal opportunity and a good life. Pingree had great actions of being a social reformer, we can compare that to government officials now and who’s job is it to reform society?

The mayor of Detroit was Pingree. He was a politician of the people. He was a social reformer and what made him was his actions. Pingree thought that the wealthy needed to contribute just as much as the poor. He attacked the gas company for having monopoly on the area. He sold his prize force and used that money to buy seed and gave it to the Detroit people to grow their own gardens. When we was governor he gave shoes during the Spanish-American War. Not all government officials are like this.

In contrast to mayor and governor Pingree is governor Synder. When Pingree was mayor and governor he was looking out to help people. Governor Synder did not do much for the people of Flint during their water crisis. There is truly a difference between the two men. Governor Synder should have recognized the issue sooner and tried to send more help rather than keeping it quite for so long. I can not say though it is all up to the government officials.

It is the governments job to reform society. Government officials were elected by the people to make things right. We the people also have our own responsibility to help each other out, and to do the common good. Government officials are getting paid to make important decisions on behalf of the American people, and wan the best.

There is many different views to look on issues that happen in our country, state and cities. Mayor and governor Pingree was an affective social reformer. Governor Pingree and governor Synder seemed to act different way when they were in office and everyone has a responsibility to help others.

14 thoughts on “Social Reforming

  1. I agree that the officials we elect to office are responsible for social reform. We give them our vote in exchange for their promise that they are going to enact the social changes we are looking for. Otherwise we would have voted for the other candidate.
    We, as citizens, also have a responsibility to enact social change. When we see something we don’t like we need to do something about it. We can’t just sit back and complain if we truly want to see changes in the things we don’t like. The problem is, what we see as a problem, the next guy might see as a good thing. That’s why we have the voting process.
    There are several things people can do to try and get social change. People can run for public office if they feel they have better ideas than what the current candidates offer. They can donate time or money to a program they want to support. But the most important thing we can do is vote. Find the person who you feel best matches the way you want your world to be and hope that they follow thru on their campaign promises. If not, vote for the other guy next time!

    1. One more thing, Hazen Pingree was an awesome guy. He saw what needed to be done and did his best to make sure that things happened, even selling his most prized possession in the process. I don’t think too many politicians today would be as philanthropic as Pingree was.

      1. I agree with how you gave examples of how people can take responsibility and make changes. It is good to remind people how they can make a change and how it is not just all on the government. I also agree with how you pointed out that what one person thinks is good or bad the other person may think the opposite. Together we can make a difference.

  2. I agree that it is the responsibility of government officials to keep up what the people where promised. To be honest and enact social change. While reading, I was surprised to hear of all the good things Pingree did for his people. Really makes you wish we had people in office today as great as him. Thank you for your point of view! I enjoyed this very much!

  3. Government officials are elected by the people to make things right – very true. Their job is to act in the best interest of the people, and that’s why they are elected, because we think that they can make the necessary changes for us to lead us in the right direction. Pingree truly set an outstanding example of being a politician of the people contributing his own money to help the people. Such an example is almost unheard of today. Other government officials today should look at Pingree as a role model.

  4. Your title is very good! It’s what made me choose this blog. I also agree that it is the governments job to reform our society. The government takes a big part of what happens in our economy, but we as citizens make a huge impact on our society. If more civilians realized some roles they have, I think people would be less angry. I think a lot of the times in office there are more different thoughts and people, so that makes controversy on the right orders to make. Your blog informed me that Pingree surprisingly did more than I thought. Overall, very well written blog.

  5. Government officials are the voice of the people that they represent. This is an extremely important job and when voters put someone into such a position, they want changes to happen. They need to uphold their promises and create social change. Pingree was a great example of this and got things done. He did things like giving his money for the benefit of the people and I don’t believe I have ever heard of that before reading this. Overall this is a well written blog!

    1. Pingree definitely set the bar high as the mayor and the governor. It is someone I would if my nieces or nephew one day looked up to I would be proud. You do not just have to be head of something to make a difference though. Difference can start with just doing something small.

  6. Pingree definitely seemed to care about the people. He made an active effort to use his platform and his status to help people and affect change. He saw issues and made attempts to solve them. He kept his word to the people who had elected him instead of being full of empty promises. It does seem like the times have changed greatly since then when it comes to politicians in the current day and age. They seem to be more full of words than anything, and don’t always care about using their status to help affect change.

  7. I also agree it is the responsibility of government officials to lead the way, and to be an active part of society in regards to citizens and their needs. Pingree and current governor Snyder seem to have very different levels on accountability, and purely based on personal and hands on responsibility to citizens, their legacies will probably be much different, and Pingree will continue to receive credit for being a pioneer in progressiveness.

  8. Sarah,

    I think you are absolutely correct that we all want the best for everyone. It may be hard to see in todays world but this does remain true. Pingree definitely cared about his people, there is no doubt there, and he is exactly the type of politician we need to lead the way today. What if Snyder could be a little more like him? I do agree that is is the governments job to reform society, but do you believe society does play a role in it? Are people today different than they were then?

    Great post!

  9. We can only hope that our elected officials have our best interest in mind. Like you pointed out Pingree definitely cared about the people he was in charge of taking care of in opposition to Snyder who arguably did nothing for his people, specifically the greater Flint area. The government definitely plays a role in social reform like leveling the playing ground for people and promoting tolerance, but that is all the government can do. It is up to the people to decide to act on whether or not they are going to abide by the standards and laws set by the government. So I partially agree with you and believe that the rest is left to the people. Great post, very insightful!

  10. Government officials are elected via the popular vote of the people, so you’d think they would be representing those people in office and making decisions that would better their supporters. We saw this in Pingree, as he truly cared for his city and the well-being of the people. However, Snyder seems to be the complete opposite. His people are crying out to him, begging him for help and telling him what they need. And he still hasn’t done anything significant to help them. It seems politicians today have grown a deaf ear to the common people and have forgotten that we are what make this country. I enjoyed your point of view on this subject!

  11. Elected officials who actually have the good of the people in mind are rare. We like to think that because we like a candidate’s promises, surely they must fulfill those promises. We like to think we’re good judges of character. I remember Rick Snyder’s campaign when he was first running for governor. They featured his young daughter joking about what a goofball he is. That he’s business savvy, but just a “big nerd”. Who would have thought that this nerd would be so useless during the Flint water crisis, letting thousands of children become irreversibly ill from lead poisoning?

    One of Pingree’s greatest testaments to his character was the fact that he wanted to continue helping Detroit even as he was elected governor of the state.

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