Our World As We Know It

“It is to the progress, to the preponderance of domestic manners that women owe their happiness and influence in modern society. It is to the domestic family circle, to our houses that we owe our civilization” (Willcox, 135). Women have a tremendous influence in today’s society and yes, we can thank progress for that. It was a long journey coming and is still continuing today. Women did all this while they also played a major role in getting the civilization we know and love today.

Women’s suffrage was the most successful reform. As I previously said, this was not a short journey and we can still see a glimpse of it growing today in our fight for women’s rights. Not only this, but it has completely altered our world as we know it.

In 1867 we began to see petitions advocating for women’s suffrage in Michigan (Rubenstien 117). Unfortunately, this was defeated but that did not stop the fight. Again in 1874 a women’s suffrage amendment was placed on the ballot, but ultimately shot down. A large part of this attempt being unsuccessful can be credited to Irish and German voters in fear of prohibition (Rubenstien, 118). Several other attempts were made but it was not until 1920 that the nineteenth amendment was ratified to give women an equal right to vote.

Women’s suffrage was one of the most successful reforms in history and is still extremely prevalent today. While we may not be fighting for the enfranchisement of women there are still many other rights that women continue to fight for.

Pictured above is a photo of Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, two major suffrage leaders. (https://www.google.com/search?q=cady+stanton+and+susan+b+anthony&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjPvbrR_bbeAhXn5YMKHfFgBP4Q_AUIFCgC&biw=1444&bih=645#imgrc=VY_KUkT_6D0yHM:)




8 thoughts on “Our World As We Know It

  1. Women’s suffrage in Michigan was a huge reform. It could be argued that it was successful due to the attention that was brought to the issue from the multitude of failures reformists dealt with along the way. Attempts to pass woman suffrage in 1846, 1849, 1867 and in 1874 were all shot down. Then in 1908 just when suffragists thought they had a chance to pass women’s voting rights, it was removed from the new constitution at the last minute. The reform was finally passed in Michigan on November 5, 1918. The nation was well on its’ way to pass suffrage for women. and in 1920 the 19th Amendment made women’s suffrage a right for all women.

  2. To think that on Monday, it will only be 100 years since the reform was passed in Michigan seems crazy. Michigan started reforming for this in 1867. It definitely has been a long journey coming. I am sure that it helped during this time in Michigan that Chase Osborn was a believer in woman suffrage (pg. 149 The Great Water). Doesn’t it seem unrealistic that there actually were women who were against woman suffrage? The Michigan Association to Woman Suffrage was made up entirely of women. This would be interesting to read further into, perhaps they did not think the were deserving to contribute. And if so, why?

  3. It is so true that women play such a big role in today’s society! It also is so crazy on the comparison of today and back then. We almost had a female president, we have female governors, female managers and single women worth millions. Women being worth so little back then to being worth so much is a huge success. We do have tons of other things to overcome, but we have done so much with this time. I also thought the photo you choice was very spot on and drew me to this blog.

  4. The fight for women’s rights has come a long way since suffrage. One could say that was the real catalyst for the struggle for gender equality. But it’s important to note that the women’s suffrage movement wasn’t without its own problems. The right to vote might have been won for white women at this time, but women of color were often forgotten at suffrage rallies and marches.

  5. It is shocking to hear about how hard women had it. But it is also powerful. In today’s society women play a big role, compared to the past. People don’t think twice today when electing a women official or seeing a woman doctor or working mother. Their hard work did pay off.

  6. Women play a huge and equal role in society. The reform of womens suffrage could easily be considered one of the most important movements in our nations history. Even with all of its failures, the movement never stopped fighting and finally succeeded.

  7. Women have had such a huge progression since the women’s sufferage of the 1920s. I think that the women of that day started the women’s movement that we currently are in today. While the inequities between men and women were much larger and more frequent back then, women still have things to fight for today and I think that those women serve as an inspiration to the women of today in their fight for equality with men. We have come a long way but the fight is not over.

  8. It’s amazing to see the progress we have made for women’s rights. Women went from having no rights to having a woman running for president. Back in this era that would have been considered completely crazy for anyone to even consider. Our viewpoints have also changed along with the law as people have become much more accepting of women being able to vote and being more of a part of the political world.

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