Impact of the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War had a huge impact on America. It caused conflict within the United States that divided the people. It all started when President Johnson sent troops to fight in Southeast Asia, that was how we became active in the Vietnam War. The reason President Johnson deployed troops to this area was because of how much communism was growing in Asia and we feared that all of Asia could fall to communism. President Johnson’s decision led to many Americans protesting against the war.

This war also affected the U.S. economy in a really negative way. The U.S. put over $100 billion into this war and had increased spending in other areas too. The problem was that taxes weren’t being raised and therefore inflation increased very drastically, very quickly. Along with an increase of inflation, our high spending also caused trade between the U.S. and other countries to become unbalanced and unfair. Trade becoming unfair for us just shows that we were spending too much money on a war we shouldn’t’ have been apart of.

A heavily debated controversy that was bought to the spotlight during this war was the draft. It became very much talked about because of how unfair and biased it was toward lower class people. This draft being biased only made the antiwar movement even stronger and it also caused more people to resist getting drafted into the war. Once President Nixon took over in office he had plans to stop the draft. He thought that once the younger aged people knew they weren’t going to have to go to war that they would slowly stop being apart of the antiwar movement. He was successful in removing the draft in 1973.

This war also affected some America’s policies. One policy that Congresses changed as a result of the war was the Wars Power Act. The Wars Power Act took away the presidents ability to deploy American Troops for more than 90 days without consent from congress. Another policy change the war created was the age to vote (26th amendment). The age to vote was lowered to 18 years old due in part that the government was forcing  young men 18 and older to enter the draft and rick their lives. They couldn’t tell these young men or their families that they had to risk being killed but couldn’t vote.

The media affected America for the worst during this war. Seeing images of this gruesome war caused many men to refuse to go to war. It also showed an ugly side of America. The media showed how heartless and cruel that America could be. Through images and stories we know that American troops killed, raped, and tortured many many innocent civilians in Asia. Racial issues also come into affect here. When you have soldiers attack and torture a group of innocent civilians caught in the middle of a war, you begin to wonder what was going through their minds. It almost seems as if they saw these people as enemies just based on their appearance. They saw these people as enemies and felt as if there were no laws preventing them from their actions. As a result they did cowardly and inhuman things to innocent people.

Overall the Vietnam war caused a huge impact on America. We saw our country spend 100’s of billions or dollars on a war we had no reason to be in, we saw the draft be removed which stopped forcing young men to risk their lives for something they didn’t believe in, and we saw policies implemented ti benefit the American people.

12 thoughts on “Impact of the Vietnam War

    1. I think I would have been angry seeing what American soldiers were doing during this war. To treat innocent people the way they did is inexcusable. I would have been against this war because it caused senseless violence on America’s part and was also damaging to the economy.

      1. What American soldiers had been doing during the war was brutal and completely immoral. I also feel that I would have been against the war since it was violence that is unnecessary and it definitely hurt the economy.

        1. Though I feel as if I would have been a anti-war activist of this time, the horrible acts that were being acted on by ground and airmen were simply doing what they were told to do. Remember, the people fighting this war very possibly did not choose to do so. The culture of the military in this day and age is one of manhood and doing what you are told, and we are much further progressed as people than the day and age of the Vietnam War.

    2. I feel that at first I would’ve been for us going to the war to attempt to stop the spread of communism, but as the war went on and I learned more about what was going on I believe I would’ve quickly become anti-war. Seeing young men being forced to go to war and knowing how much money was going into the war would be enough to change my mind.

  1. The United States of America committed war crimes during the Vietnam War. The International War Crimes Tribunal found the United States guilty on all charges. These charges included genocide and the use of forbidden weapons. Aside from that, the United States was also found guilty of maltreatment and killing of prisoners as well as violence and forceful movement of these prisoners. The most disturbing part of this to me is that not many people talk about the atrocities that take place during a war. Your blog did cover the fact that many innocent civilians were subjected to horrible things during this time.

  2. The war in Vietnam was a very brutal war, a war that not only claimed thousands of American soldiers lives but millions of Vietnamese lives. At the start the United States had a good reason (they thought at the time) to join the war and to prevent a domino effect of communism spreading throughout Southeast Asia. But for the war to escalate the way it did and for American forces to bomb villages filled with innocent men, women and children is unimaginable to think about. Looking back at all of the fighting and lives lost and the destructiveness the war brought, I would at the time join the protesters because there were other options of setting the war. It blows my mind how one war tore the United States apart within America itself.

  3. I do agree with you that this war divided America. Media did dramatically impact this time period because men were afraid to go to war because of the horrible news and images that were spreading around, I would be to honestly. All in all, very informative blog. Good job TREY! LOL

  4. I think that our involvement in the war led to some unwanted effects such as the division of the people and trade unbalancing. I think that the trading effect was a major negative because that is how a country thrives. A country also thrives on its people and if the American people are unhappy, the government should’ve recognized this and focused on themselves rather than continue to focus on half way across the world.

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