Industrialism Vs. Workers

Industrialism has created a whirlwind of positive and negative outcomes. Many people saw this as an opportunity to grow as a country while others believed it ran us into the ground and is continuing to pollute our lives, literally. When the industrial revolution came along many workers were supplied jobs. Although it was great news for them, they worked at low wages and working over hours. The work place was not safe, and the conditions were not reliable for anyone. Women were paid about half of what the men were paid. Breaks were not given unless it was lunch or dinner time, and, on the job, accidents were at a high rate. During this time, workers were not treated well or fairly whether skilled or not.

                Unions were monopolies to the employers. The employers found that having the Union made it harder for them to replace the workers because of the Union laws. In the past, workers could work long hours with little pay, but with the Union involved it was the opposite. Working citizens, skilled and unskilled had protection. Their wages were set to a better standard, the actual work place had better safety regulations, and the hours weren’t excruciating. Most of the business employers weren’t game for all of this because they had more money to pay out and had more regulations on their business. Basically, the worker would go to the Union and then the Union would go to the business. It’s like workers had their own security team!

                When Unions came into play, the workers had many benefits to reap from. The Union gave the working man/woman strength to stand up for their rights as a providing citizen. Low skilled workers were able to ask for accommodating pay and hours without the fear of being replaced with a snap of a finger. The Unions made it possible for people to have security within their jobs and a safer work environment. The work conditions alone were something to be accounted for. The number of work injuries dropped tremendously, which is best for everyone in that scenario. Working in a safe environment is the best benefit that workers and business owners could ask for.

5 thoughts on “Industrialism Vs. Workers

  1. This is an awesome post Sami. It shows both sides of the story between the positive and negative effects of Industrialism and also Unions. Looking at the past and the roots of Industrialism shows how far we’ve come in production to the point we’re at today.

  2. I think you did a great job presenting the negative affects Unions had on employers and the benefits Unions provided for workers. In the end, I think the benefits workers recieved from Unions was better than the negative effects it caused employers. This is simply because it was unfair for workers to be put in an unsafe work environment and get paid low wages. It is crazy to think what the workplace used to be like compared to modern times. If unions were never formed in the Gilded Age, what would the workplace look like today?

  3. This blog post nicely summarizes the pros and cons to both industrialism and Unions. Both were instrumental in the development of our country, and without them, the United States would be a completely different country. When looking back at the rise of industrialism, it makes me wonder if Unions would have been necessary if those running the companies had been thoughtful and humane from the beginning. I think that if large companies would have started with proper standards and procedures for their employees to follow, Unions would not have been necessary until after the Civil Rights Movements. Then they would have aided in the integration of the workplace and ensured those of a different race were treated properly. Great post Sami!

  4. You did a good job showing the employers view of labor unions as well as the employees view. If labor unions weren’t created the workplace and the US in general would be a very different place. Good job showing the positives and negatives of the Industrial Revolution.

  5. Looking at unfair treatment to workers during the rise of industrialism allows everyone to have a glimpse into what life was like back then. Knowing women would work for lower wages and in the same work conditions as men and children shows how valuable the unions ended up being. However, to think that employers were only looking out for their bottom line and not that of their employees makes me sympathize with our nation and wonder what life would have been like if we were treated like equals from the beginning.

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