Week 2 Politics

The political process at the turn of the century was extremely one-sided. Women did not have votes, the African-American community had no votes, this led to the only votes coming from white men, who usually were more towards the wealthy side compared to the rest of society. This meant that predominantly rich white men were the ones making the decisions, and rich white men were also the ones running for office in politics. Therefore, yes, absolutely politics was an arena made specifically for the rich white man during this time. Women and minorities at this point in time had little impact on politics. There definitely was the beginning of fight for equal rights, but the movement was nowhere near complete. Working men had some impact on politics, but often were influenced by the richer society giving incentives for them to vote one way or another.

5 thoughts on “Week 2 Politics

  1. It’s hard to believe white men made the decisions for all people. It is difficult to imagine as a white male myself thinking I was in any way better than my fellow men and women and making choices for them. There is still a lot of social injustice in the world and this is the beginning of trying to change that.

  2. It is it difficult to imagine a time where white men were the only people allowed to vote. Social change has come a long way, and now no matter a person’s gender or ethnicity as long as he or she is 18 years old and older they have the right to vote. One of the main issues that arose with the belief that only rich white men could vote was that they were making the decisions that would benefit themselves the best. The white rich men hardly ever took into consideration that others would be affected when they cast their votes. Even though the United States has come so far along in gender and race equality we still have a ways to go to make the United States a fair and prosperous country.

  3. Racism and corruption where very high within our country and government during this time. It isn’t that hard to imagine that rich white men are the only ones who could vote but I believe if that were the case today minorities would fight harder for their right to vote then they did then. There is still corruption within our government and there probably always will be.

  4. It’s so strange to me that after all these years, in the 21st century, discrimination with voting is still a huge problem today… It’s just much sneakier than the ways of the past.

  5. Women and minorities worked extremely hard to gain political equality and freedoms, yet when you look at our current political situation you cannot tell. Very few women hold any offices, and minorities are also rarer than white males. People fought so hard to gain these rights for people, and they are scarcely utilized. However sad, it is still amazing that women and minorities have the ability to run and hold office. Great post!

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