At the turn of the century the cities were growing and attitudes were changing depending on your position in life. This progress from the industrial revolution was making a lot of white upper class people rich but for the poor workers it was making life harder. The “political machines” took advantage of these people and bought their votes and support by offering them jobs or help with food. The middle class could view these machines as corrupt but because poverty was viewed as something that only happened to lazy or bad people they were uninterested in helping themselves. This was the beginning of the attitude towards poverty changing and “Reformists” looking to help them improve their lives and have more opportunities. Of course at this time only men could actually vote and women were mainly supposed to take care of the home and the children. Luckily during these social changes the “new woman” emerged. Women began to gain their independence. More women began going to college and working. They also began fighting for their right to vote and participate in politics. This was the beginning of people starting the very lengthy process of social reform.

People began to realize that no one would choose or deserves to be poor and helping them is not only good for them but for society as a whole. Minorities were hard workers and deserved all the same rights as everyone else. Women had just as much intelligence and interest in politics and social issues as men. This time brought these issues to the forefront.

4 thoughts on “Politics

  1. It’s nice that the idea of poverty has changed so drastically. I have never really thought of the poor as lazy, but rather very unlucky and just unfortunate. It’s nice that we have decided that the poor of our country should be helped rather than shamed. It not only shows our evolution as a society, but our evolution as humans as well. And from your blog it sounds like an amazing time of economic and societal changes.

  2. I agree with and like when you said, “People began to realize that no one would choose or deserves to be poor and helping them is not only good for them but for society as a whole. ” I had similar ideas when going over the blog post and thought wealth and power do play a big role in this time era. What a time it would be with such money and power held above your head in your every day lives then.

  3. I think that there is still a feeling that today’s poor are just “lazy”. Its sad really because some people give good people a bad name. The ideal of welfare is not of one who are working and struggling, they are mostly viewed as being lazy, not willing to work, and more kids then they can take care of. If you read anything on lowering food stamps, or making people work 20 hours a week the comments are awful and very judgmental. I love giving back to the community and people going through hard times but its difficult sometimes to weed through people who really need the help and people who are working the system. I read that people who stand on the corners with homeless signs have made $80k a year. So I guess my point is that people are still as judgmental as ever.

  4. This time in history was very good for America moving forward. Many people were starting to see through the corrupt politics and stop believing in every promise they say. Also, this time was the start for many minorities and women movements. They all knew they were equal to the rich white men. Although this time did not seem the greatest at the moment, it ended up having a very big impact for what we see in today’s society.

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