Blog Topic #2: Politics

Politics became complicated in the late 1800s. The working class wanted more rights such as an eight hour work day. With working men able to vote, they had a voice, but people with money were in control. This was shown with political machines which were often corrupt. Women had more leisure time than before thanks to new machines in factories. With this leisure time, women would get higher education such as college. This helped start the emergence of women’s rights. The women seen as leaders during this movement were mostly women who had attended college. As for African Americans, they started working towards their own rights. One example is Ida B. Wells who launched a national campaign against lynching. People such as farmers created the People’s Party in hopes of having a voice from within the government. They were sick of corrupt politicians and wanted to be able to make a living. Though the party ended up disintegrating in 1896, some of their core ideas were adopted in the later decades. Activists marched on the capitol in hopes of creating change, but nothing came out of it.

The late 1800s led to little political change during the time, but helped create a start for later decades. The women’s rights movement ended up with women’s suffrage in 1920. Though the rich were the ones with the most power, the working class started to fight for their own voice. In the end, it led to the Progressive Era.

Keene, Jennifer D., Cornell, Saul, and O’Donnell, Edward T. Visions of America: A History of The United States, Volume 2, 3rd ed. 2019.

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10 thoughts on “Blog Topic #2: Politics

  1. The rich seem to still be in control to this day, but not in the way it used to be. The rich used to own just about every business out there, but now it’s all internet celebrities who own mansions in L.A. and the views we give them on their videos. I can’t tell you how many times I see a new celebrity post about Kylie Jenner and what her look was for the day. Nice article!

  2. Unfortunately as you and Brenton stated, the rich control politics among several other things in the world. Currently it’s the way of the world and it’s a very difficult thing to change.

  3. Well written it was a good read. Something to think about: Do you think if the women didn’t take control and get an education would they still have gained the right to vote?

    1. I don’t believe that they would have gained the right to vote as soon as they did, but I do believe that later on women would have realized that they deserve to have this right too, and they eventually would have began fighting for it. However, if they hadn’t began to fight for it when they did, who knows if things would be very different nowadays, or if it wouldn’t have had any effect at all.

    2. The higher education of women helped them get the right to vote. I believe without higher education, women would still have gained the right to vote at some point in time, but it would’ve taken longer.

    3. No I do not. Women had to be able to further their education and join the workforce to help their cause. They had to show everyone they could do it and get the respect they deserved.

  4. The people’s party reminds me of today’s independent parties. They think outside of the box of the normal politicians which isn’t always a bad thing. I am thankful that women were able to continue their education and lead way to make things better for us today

  5. As a society we sure have came a long ways and I’m grateful for that! Looking back there are still similarities especially when it comes to politics. I feel as if the wealthy in todays society still run politics while the rest (including women and African Americans) still don’t have huge say. However, we all can still voice our opinions and we have the right to vote which is important.

  6. I can agree that although not much was changed to benefit human rights, this period of time was something of a “calm before the storm”. There was plenty of build up from women, and minorities alike. When this build-up finally exploded, with it came more freedom for all. Again, although not a lot changed, a child must learn to crawl before it can walk, and this period was just that.

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