Opportunities and Obstacles of the Prohibition Period (1920’s)

Opportunities and obstacles of the prohibition period in the 1920’s were plentiful. There was plenty of different things which getting rid of alcohol contributed to and also took away from obviously given the name prohibition (prohibiting).

Opportunities of the prohibition period included a multitude of different things. The first thing that comes to mind is less domestic violence. I would not count this as necessarily a direct result of prohibition however. Two direct correlations were less public drunkenness and also that it was healthier for people not to consume alcohol. Workers were no longer drinking their paycheck. Additionally prohibition led to more money spent on consumer goods.

Obstacles and negative effects of prohibition included alcohol use in young people rose sharply. There was a rise in organized crime in gangs also. Eventually people’s respect for the law was undermined as many worked to break the law in order to get and consume alcohol. There was also corruption from cops to look the other way in terms of those that didn’t agree with the moral law. Additionally there was loss of tax revenue as alcohol is taxed through the government. Bars and alcohol selling establishments lost jobs as no longer their services were required.

The main issue is that this type of moral law should have never passed in the first place. It is moral legislation, and completely opinion based therefore it should be labeled as non-constitutional. It is an area where government doesn’t need to interfere.

Prohibition should never have been a law in the first place as it is a place where government should not have interfered. It was a moral law that should have been ruled unconstitutional to begin with. Overall there were more disadvantages than advantages, and the disadvantages far outweighed the advantages.

Keene, Jennifer D., Cornell, Saul, and O’Donnell, Edward T. Visions of America: A History of the United States, Volume2, 3rded. 2019.

2 thoughts on “Opportunities and Obstacles of the Prohibition Period (1920’s)

  1. I believe that more harm came from prohibition than benefits. Organized crime flourished as a result of prohibition. It provided a powerful platform that allowed criminal organizations to profit hundreds of thousands of dollars. Quite often these organizations could easily corrupt law enforcement and government agencies. It could be said that the issues that began during prohibition still affect people today. Great post!

  2. I agree with your statement that the government should not have intervened. Making something illegal is not going to solve all the problems. I do believe that it caused more harm than good.

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