A Nation United No Longer

United States involvement in the Vietnam War is really only remembered as the war that should never have been fought by the U.S. It started on November 1, 1955 and ended on Apr 30, 1975. The whole reason the United States entered the Vietnam War was because of the whole idea of the domino effect, one country falls to communism, and nearby ones would fall as well. The United States entered into the Vietnam War because China fell to communism, and they were afraid of communism taking over Asia.

The United States lost the Vietnam War both in Vietnam and at home. Pictures were in the media of everything going on in Vietnam, and many people didn’t agree with the U.S. taking part in the war. Many protests occurred. The people hated that their wasn’t a formal declaration of war. Nobody could agree on anything anymore. The media was showing censured photographs, and hid many of things U.S. soldiers were doing. The killing of Vietnamese citizens being one example.

The Vietnam War “cost the nation $173 billion.” (Keene, 811). It also costs many lives on both sides. The Vietnamese casualties alone were 2 million people, as the chart in Visions of America shows on page 811.

The chart also shows how many draft evaders their were. With such disagreement over the war, some draftees fled to Canada to avoid being sent to Vietnam.

In the end, when soldiers returned from Vietnam they weren’t given a warm welcome. With so much disagreement over the Vietnam War, they were pushed around when arriving home. There was no warm welcome.

U.S. involvement in Vietnam is often viewed as a colossal mistake that caused many people to pay the price.

10 thoughts on “A Nation United No Longer

  1. Like you said today, the Vietnam War is most famously remembered as the war that never should have been fought. Even today many people have their own opinions about the Vietnam War. The domino effect was one of the main reasons that America became involved in the first place. The United States feared that Vietnam would fall to Communism taking other countries with it. It is true in the sense that “ the United States lost the Vietnam War both in Vietnam and home. Protests of the Vietnam War became a normal occurrence. Many American’s were horrified by what was happening in Vietnam, and they had a right to be. Vietnam taught the United States an important lesson, although, in my opinion, some things in the Vietnam War should not have happened.

  2. You make a good point that when soldiers came home they weren’t given a warm welcome. Soldiers of past wars were hero’s and treated with so much appreciation and praise. That was not the case for these men. They had seen some terrible things and would never be the same. They had already gone through hell and their country didn’t support them anymore. So sad because they were just doing their job.

  3. When the Vietnam War began, the United States entered with intentions of fighting communism and preventing the domino effect as you state in your blog. However, these expectations quickly crumbled and fell through the cracks. The United States was not winning the war as easily as they had thought and things quickly became devastating. Many uncalled for and inhumane things happened during this war, and it is for that reason that many of the soldiers were not given a warm welcome home. Although, this was probably a little uncalled for considering that the soldiers had left and risked their lives to defend against communist, and had to endure and witness such traumatic and devastating events, only to come home to an unwelcoming crowd. The people were angry with the government, but showed this anger to the returning soldiers instead.

    1. The opinion that the United States never should have been in Vietnam is still a popular view on the issue. I’ve talked to a handful of veterans that have served and most share this view. They’ve told be about some of the bad conditions and things the military did while they were there. It’s not a pleasant conversation to have. Thankfully the way our military does things now helps to prevent all the bad it did in the past.

  4. It was terrible what happened to the soldiers that came back. This country was not the same country they had left to protect. They hadn’t even left to protect our country. They were fighting a war for another country.

  5. I cannot imagine what it would have felt like as an American soldier fighting a war that I’m sure they also didn’t believe in. It’s actually mind blowing how the United States got away with fighting the Vietnam War with as many people who were against it. Thinking of WW2, everybody was so close, while this war divided the United States more than ever. It is sad the soldiers had to come back to a mess after losing a war.

  6. The Vietnam War had a large impact on the United States for many reasons. As you stated in your blog, the citizens of America didn’t understand why we were involved in this war. American citizens were dying and being sent out to South Vietnam which made people even more upset. They didn’t understand why their loved ones were fighting in a war that the United States shouldn’t be involved in in the first place. I can’t imagine losing a family member from a war like this. The soldiers that did come back, as you stated, were even given a warm welcome.

  7. The Vietnam war should have been explained to the public in a better way. Citizens were uneducated and treated the soldiers poorly on their return from overseas. It’s unfortunate how we treat those that risk their lives for us.

  8. This war was a big negative for the US. It was a war that should never have been an idea for us to get involved in. It is sad to read about the men not getting a warm welcome home. Of course, they can not be seen as heroes for fighting but they should have gotten some type of honor for fighting and surviving.

  9. The Vietnam War indeed have a very negative effect on the United States. From the two million Vietnamese being killed, to the many American lives that were changed due to being sent to the war. I would have loved to see how many Americans fled to Canada to escape the draft. I feel like many could have left America, especially considering the state of the nation.

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