The United States were united in terms of the states, but not all cultures were seen as equals. They were segregated. Women, African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians were all heavily discriminated throughout the history of Earth. This changed in the mid to late 20th century. During the 1950’s, rights activist started to flourish throughout the USA. They aimed to be ‘united’, as the name of our country indicates. How was our “great” country supposed to be united when nobody loved each other? The different cultures among America clashed in the 1950’s to the 70’s, all fighting for unity, and barely surviving the war.

African-Americans were declared their freedom of slavery in 1865 through the Thirteenth Amendment, they were still not seen as equal. They were segregated by the color of their skin. They were forced to attend separate schools, lived in different neighborhoods, and were not even allowed to drink out of the same fountain as the whites. In 1954 a push for desegregation was made in Brown v. Board of Education came into play. In this case the African-Americans pushed for the desegregation of school districts. Black children attended nasty schools with a nasty education to join it.

By far the hardest and widest push for equality, the African-Americans were led by very powerful people. Their leaders consisted of (but were not limited to) Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, and Rosa Parks. All three of these leaders used different strategies to fight for their rights. MLK is seen as the most influential of the era. He took a non-violent approach to the matter. Never giving in to any violent tendencies, he was still bombarded with death threats throughout his life as an activist. These threats became a reality when his home was burned to the ground, and he was shot in 1964, which in my opinion proves that the African-American’s had every right to enjoy their lives, and should be able to fight for their rights in whatever way they could achieve it. Martin Luther King Jr’s death only provoked more action to take place. MLK and his legacy led the African-Americans to continue to fight for equality to this day.

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Another very important fight for freedom was led by women. Women have been fighting for equality for as long as they existed. It was during this period that NOW (National Organization for Woman) was formed. I find that NOW’s acronym is wonderful considering how they wanted their rights literally NOW! NOW’s goal was to increase employment, education, and overall equality in women. They had a very large impact in the USA, and their fight for rights was well heard. There was even an executive order placed to hire more women in the government.

Besides women and African-Americans, there were many other groups that were widely discriminated against. I hate how these cultures had to fight for their rights in America the “land of the free”. I still do not believe that segregation is over. The States still need to be United. Every day there is a new controversial event consisting of whites vs. a minority (I also hate how they are called this, there should be no such thing as a “minority”). Although the fight for rights has been greatly diminished due to rights being granted, there are still many groups of people that have not been able to fully integrate themselves into the modern day society. This is due to the barriers created by the disgusting racial profiling that happens every day. New issues have currently surfaced with the creation of new genders and sexualities. These can be easily compared to the civil rights movements in the 1900’s. My opinion stands strong as steel on both issues. I believe that everyone is created equal. Everyone deserves a chance to live their life with a purpose. With freedom. With UNITY.

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  1. The African American took their fight for equality very seriously. They were fed up with how long things had been the way they were and they were willing to do anything it took to win the battle, even die. In cases like the Freedom Riders, these people were often risking their lives considering the fact that they were often tormented or attacked by the whites. Although they often faced difficult challenges, they never backed down from the fight. This is why I believe throughout the whole Civil Rights movement, the African Americans had the largest impact. They had to change so many peoples opinions and feelings of them and change the way things had been for many years coming, and that takes a lot.

  2. Looking back in time, I am very grateful for those Civil Right leaders like MLK, who stood up for they believed in despite going against the “white men”. Without these leaders, we wouldn’t be the society we are today. We are still far from perfect but imagine if nobody stood up for women, african americans, hispanics, and asians back then. Where would we be today? Many of those heros risked their own lives for the sake of getting the point across. We will forever look up to those fighting for what they believed in and continue today fighting for those rights.

    1. Imagine if Martin Luther King never stood up for what he believed in. It took someone extremely brave and fearless to do what he accomplished. He believed in change so much that he was willing to risk his own life to pave the way for others. Things changed but we still face many of the same racial problems today.

  3. There have been many different movements throughout history that have called for equal rights. Some of them have been more successful than others, but they are began the change that needed to happen. The one that everyone immediately thinks of if the civil rights movement and African Americans fighting for their rights. Martin Luther King Jr is also the main person that people think of, but there were many others who worked hard for equality. There are many others that should be recognized more because of the change they began. Overall, there were many needed changes that took place, and there were many different groups that began these changes.

  4. I completely agree everyone was created equally and should be given equal rights. I feel that MLK choosing a non-violent approach spoke leaps and bounds about his character and what he was trying to achieve. He believed in human decency. I feel you made a good stand by saying our states our united but we are not. People of the minority, LGBT, even women still fight daily to be heard equally. Without the Civil Rights movement we wouldn’t be where we are today. I can only imagine being African-American during this time frame, I remember watching Remember the Titans and being shocked at how they were treated yet how far they came to grow together as team. I feel it’s a good representation of our country if given the opportunity we can grow and learn from each other to be a better, stronger country.

    1. That was a great movie. It showed different races giving each other a chance and then realizing that they weren’t different at all. Racism is taught and until that changes there will always be someone discriminating. This country has come a long way but it seems like racism will never end.

  5. I agree with and like when you said, “NOW’s goal was to increase employment, education, and overall equality in women. They had a very large impact in the USA, and their fight for rights was well heard.” I had similar ideas when going over the blog post and thought they played a big role in this time era. Very relevant to the advancements in the time period.

  6. Equal rights is one thing that should be given to everyone here in America. The people that throw hate at others that are not white men are going against what America, the land of the free, stands for. MLK was just one of many who helped push for freedom. Of course in society today, things are still not perfect but having these leaders helped keep it from being as bad as it was back then.

  7. I really enjoyed your blog about civil rights and how people like MLK worked hard for the simple rights that we all have today. The fact that these people fought endlessly to ensure that their children could enjoy their lives. Although the first person we think of is immediately MLK, there are many people who fought for this right that should be recognized. This was a great post!

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