The Internment of Japanese Americans

On December 7, 1942 Japan attacked a naval base in Hawaii called Pearl Harbor. After the attack, Japanese Americans were shunned by the United States simply because they were of Japanese ancestry. Over 120,000 United States citizens were imprisoned because they were looked at as a national security risk (“Japanese Americans at Manzanar,” 2015). Imprisoned because their loyalty to their country was being questioned merely … Continue reading The Internment of Japanese Americans

Politics at the Turn of the Century

Politics at the turn of the century became very popular among the people. As the richer got richer and the poorer got poorer, politics really started to divide people more than just republican and democratic parties. Political machines proposed benefits to voting in their favor, essentially bribing the poor for votes. Transparent ballot boxes was also a technique used to intimidate voters. Building relationship with … Continue reading Politics at the Turn of the Century