Changing Times for All Americans

1950-1970 was a very turbulent time in American politics as well as for the people living in America, it was a time of great change for the ordinary citizen. Not only were the rights of African Americans being fought for, but other minorities such as Mexicans and Native Americans, were also fighting for their freedoms. Additionally, sex also played a role, as women were putting … Continue reading Changing Times for All Americans

The Rights and Wrongs of Prohibition

In December of 1917 the US Government approved an amendment that would outlaw the sale, manufacture and distribution of alcoholic beverages. The Eighteenth Amendment would take effect on the first of January 1920. It can be said that the nation was significantly divided by the issue. The supporters of Prohibition argued that alcohol was unhealthy, a waste of time and a waste of money but … Continue reading The Rights and Wrongs of Prohibition