Language of the Unheard

In the summer of 1967 in Detroit, Michigan, a “blind-pig” raid took place and this raid turned out to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Due to this raid, racial tension, and the overall treatment of African Americans in the area, a riot that is still ranked as one of the worst in American history broke out. The riot lasted from July 23rd … Continue reading Language of the Unheard

The Great Rebellion

It was July 23, 1967 in Detroit, Michigan. Racial tensions had reached a boiling point, and in the early morning hours of this day just 50 years ago, those tensions erupted. Forty-three deaths, 7,000 arrests, and 1,400 destroyed buildings later, citizens of Detroit were left reeling in the destruction caused by pent up frustration over a disheartening system. As it has previously been pointed out, … Continue reading The Great Rebellion

Detroit 1967

Detroit, Michigan had highways and skyscrapers due to the urban renewal program. There were once many employment opportunities due to the booming auto industry; the city was prosperous. Soon, unemployment would rise as the automobile industry began to move, the economic state was declining in Detroit. African American communities did not benefit from the urban renewal program. Large expressways were built in their communities, dividing … Continue reading Detroit 1967

Blog Topic #8 for HIS 215

Although we often think of the civil rights movement and racial problems as a southern issue, as you read and watched–both civil rights agitation and racism existed in Michigan. Riots broke out all over the nation in the summer of 1967, but especially impacted Detroit. Why did the riots occur? What were race relations like in Michigan during the 1960s? Continue reading Blog Topic #8 for HIS 215

A Seat To Remember

Open any history book about the Civil Rights Movement and you will see several well- known individuals that are famous for their part in a crusade for freedom. Among these giants in history is Rosa Parks, best known for her defiance of an oppressive law that segregated busing by color in Montgomery and the south.  She is one of the most famous women in our history by one … Continue reading A Seat To Remember

Sit Down to Stand Up

Rosa Parks is well known for her role in the desegregation of America.  She refused to move to the back of the bus when a white man told her to.  However, little is known about when she stood up to a white man she accused of “near rape.”  There is some skepticism about whether the letter written about the assault is true or not, people … Continue reading Sit Down to Stand Up

Not Just a Tired Old Seamstress

“The only tired I was, was tired of giving in” (Rosa Parks). Rosa Parks is just one of  the many noted activists of her time period. However, she is one of the most influential, and remembered of these activists. We all know about her famous stance and her refusal to give up her seat on that Montgomery bus, but she also did many other time altering … Continue reading Not Just a Tired Old Seamstress

Blog Topic #6 for HIS 215

Using the article and the text provide in elearning (under Content section for week 10), discuss Rosa Parks’ activism while considering the issue of civil disobedience.  Thinking about Rosa Parks and other activists like her, do you believe it is acceptable to break the law in order to foment change? Why or why not? Must certain conditions exist? Thinking about Rosa Parks specifically, why do you … Continue reading Blog Topic #6 for HIS 215