Humanities Learning Center Annual Awards

Science can tell you how to clone a tyrannosaurus rex. Humanities can tell you why this might be a bad idea.” College of Humanities, University of Utah

2022 Humanities Learning Center Award Winners

Outstanding Humanities Organization: Friends of Roethke

Humanities Educator of the Year (tie): Brittany Fremion & Amanda Klida

Humanities Scholar: Donny Winter

Digital Humanities Scholar: Amy French

Emerging Humanities Scholar (tie): Shane O’Brien & J. Todd

The Humanities Learning Center will honor award winners at a ceremony held at Andersen Enrichment Center on September 18, 2022.

2020 Humanities Learning Center Award Winners

Outstanding Humanities Organization: Castle Museum of Saginaw County History

Humanities Educator of the Year: Elizabeth Conger

Humanities Scholar (tie): Lane Demas, Ph.D. & Jennifer Vannette, Ph.D.

Emerging Humanities Scholar: Maggi McMahon

For details about each of our award winners: HLC Award Winners Press Release 2020

2018 Humanities Award Winners

Outstanding Humanities Organization Award: Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Humanities Educator of the Year (tie): Yvette Kalinowski (Midland Public Schools) and Nina Knight (Saginaw Chippewa Tribal College)

Humanities Distinguished Scholar: Kimberly Wells (Delta College)

Emerging Humanities Scholar: Benjamin Barrett (Delta student)

Digital Humanities Scholar: Christina Szilagyi (adjunct professor at several local colleges/universities)

About the Awards

At Delta College, we would like to recognize those in the mid-Michigan region who preserve and foster the humanities. Delta’s Humanities Learning Center is pleased to announce a call for nominations for our 2022 Humanities Learning Center Awards. Please nominate a candidate (including yourself) for the following awards:

  • Outstanding Humanities Organization
  • Humanities Educator of the Year
  • Humanities Scholar
  • Emerging Humanities Scholar (Delta Students)
  • Digital Humanities Scholar

The study of the human experience may best describe the humanities. Through exploration of history, philosophy, literature, film/theater, religious studies, music, languages, and politics, we are offered a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. Knowledge of the human experience inspires us by allowing us to connect to the greatest minds and talents of the ages. Please join us in honoring those individuals who help make these connections, by nominating them for one of the Humanities Awards.

For award criteria, see: HLC Awards Criteria 2022

For nomination form, visit: HLC Awards Nomination Form

Nominations are due by May 10.

Questions may directed to: