History Club

Like talking history? Join Delta’s History Club for Students!

Next event:

History Club Meeting

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Room: F101 on Main Campus

Activity: Netflix screening of The Irishmen

Field Trip to Castle Museum of Saginaw County History

When: Friday, December 6 at 2:30 pm

Where: 500 Federal Ave., Saginaw, 48607


Who We Are?

Delta students who are passionate about history.

President: Chris McNett (chrismcnett@delta.edu)

Vice-President: Kennedy Ryan

What We Do?

Socialize through regular meetings, field trips, & other activities.

Invite guest speakers to learn about the past & history careers.

Network with history professionals.

Why Join?

Have fun

Advance your professional network for history.

Share ideas & experiences.

Hang out with other history buffs.

Participate in cool history activities.

Learn about history & the historical profession.


Develop an appreciation for history. Grow opportunities for history majors at Delta College.

For more information, email: history@delta.edu.