Humanities Learning Center

Students enter college hopeful for a bright future, but fearful they will make the “wrong” choice regarding their field of study and eventual employment. The Humanities Learning Center wants our students to see majoring in Liberal Arts and/or Humanities fields as viable options to a successful and rewarding career. Skills taught in Humanities/Liberal Arts courses support a wide range of professions and are critical to solving our nation’s political, social, and economic woes. The Humanities Learning Center, a group of people who champion courses related to Humanities and Liberal Arts, bring the community a host of events to educate and enrich their lives.

The Humanities Learning Center, then, is a group of dedicated Delta employees working alongside community partners to bring the relevance and vitality of the humanities to the Great Lakes Bay Region. It doesn’t have a physical location, but exists wherever we are celebrating the humanities. We support initiatives to encourage enrollment of students in Delta Humanities/Liberal Arts disciplines and facilitate their transfer to four-year universities. We advocate for the value of the humanities through partnerships with local public schools, Brown Bag talks, offering professional development opportunities for scholars, book discussions, and promotion of community events. We also bestow awards to those in the mid-Michigan region who preserve and foster the humanities at our biannual Humanities Learning Center Awards program.

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