Meet Our Faculty

dull-lauraLaura Dull, Professor; Email:


Education: B.A.- Central Michigan University, Master’s in Theological Studies-Weston Jesuit School of Theology, M.A. and Ph.D. in Medieval History-University of Notre Dame
Courses Taught: HIS 111 and 112 (Early and Later Western Civilization), HIS 240 (Renaissances and Reformations in Early Modern Europe)
Historical Areas of Interest: Late Medieval Europe, Gender History, Religious History, Comparative History
Pedagogical Styles: Informal lecture with ongoing question and answer, small and large group discussions, hands-on learning projects

Mike EvansMichael Evans, Assistant Professor; Email:


Education: B.A.- Reading University, M.A.–Reading University, Ph.D.–Nottingham University
Courses Taught: HIS 111 and 112 (Early and Later Western Civilization)
Historical Areas of Interest: Medieval Europe, especially the Crusades, monarch, gender, post-medieval views of the Middle Ages Books: The Death of Kings (Hambledon and London, 2003); Inventing Eleanor (Bloomsbury, 2014)
Pedagogical Styles: Informal lecture, small group discussions, source-based study, and structured in-class debates

french-amyAmy French, Professor; Email:

Academic Website:
Women Who Dared:

Clip from documentary–Settling In: Immigrants and Cultures that Built Mid-Michigan:

Education: A.A.-Delta College, B.A.-University of Michigan, M.A.-Central Michigan University, Ph.D.-Wayne State University
Courses Taught: HIS 221 and 222 (Early and Recent American History), HIS 215 (Recent African-American History), HIS 225 (History of Women and Gender), HIS 237 (History of Michigan)
Historical Areas of Interest: Labor History, Gender History, Gilded Age and Progressive Era in the United States, and the long Civil Rights Era
Pedagogical Styles: Conversational lecture style with a great deal of student engagement and interaction, small and large group discussions, in-class activities

Adjunct Professors

James Rodriguez, Email:

prof-pictureChristina Szilagyi, Adjunct Professor, Email:


Facebook Page:
Education: B.A. History, University of Wyoming, 2005; M.A. History, Central Michigan University, 2009
Courses Taught: Western Civilization I & II, History of the United States I & II
Historical Areas of Interest: The Roman Revolution, Women’s History in the Western World, Colonial North America, the use of fiction in the teaching of History

Jason Szilagyi, Email:

Matthew Thick, Email: